Sunday, March 15, 2009


Another great footballing weekend i must say.
Nobody expected Manshitster United to be beaten by Liverfool huh?
At Old Trafford?
Damn, that was a welcome surprise.

Although i'm a neutral, i do support Liverfool in this case, as Manshitster United needs to be brought back to reality.
I watched the match last night at The Stadium, Sunway Amphitheatre.
And hell yeah it felt like a real stadium.

Not really Old Trafford, but this would do.

The only sad part is that i didn't join the fans singing "You''ll never walk alone" or "Glory glory Man united". Being a neutral, i just sat there and enjoy the atmosphere.
The event was great i tell you. There were lots and lots of free gifts, lots of booths, lots of amois in short skirts, and it's free too!
There were lucky draws, past Liverfool and Man U legends(so-called), and lots of beers too (Carlsberg is the main sponsor).

I think this kind of viewing party should be made more often. If i'm not mistaken, it's only done once a year or something like that. What are they afraid of? Lack of support?
The footie fans came in droves, even wearing the full set of their favourite teams.
It's a pity that the Arfsenal match that night was not really a big match.
Hopefully there's more!

The thrashing of Manshitster United aside, Arfsenal won big last night!
4-0 over Blackburn baby! And they won it in style too!
And Arfshavin opened his Arfsenal account too!
What a night.

If only Malaysian football is celebrated like this. Imagine supporters of Selangor and Perak watching at the 'stadium', wearing full kits, getting emotional and all.
Naaahhhhhhh.... no way.

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