Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Freebies yang sampah.

Another big gap after my last post.
Too malas to update i guess.
Not much story to tell actually, although actually there are quite a lot.
It's just that, well, the malasness is at it's all time high.

So, today i went out to do some stuffs with Mr. Jon.
When we stopped at the petrol station to buy some stuffs,
we saw an Xfresh.fm cruisers nearby.
Being busybodies, we went there straight away.

Like usual, they would ask questions like the frequencies of their station, the name of the DJs and so on.
Heck, i don't know a thing about Xfm. I hardly listen to the radio, let alone Xfm itself.

So, the normal prizes were t-shirts, and keychains and keyholders. You'll only get that if you answer all questions posed.
Since there's no hope of winning anything, we just stood there and watched other people win stuff.

But finally, the Xfm guy said,
Oh, ni ade CD free, sape nak ambik la.

Just like that. He held a bunch of CDs and people start to berebut to take them.
I managed to get my hands on a few CDs too.

I don't have a fucking idea who's this.

Tangis syukur, Nurul. WTF?

One in a million grand finals edition (like i care)

More WTFs.
What's with the cover and the title anyway?

The CDs are mostly the reject ones i guess. Full of don't-know-whos and has-beens. All in all, me and Jon managed to get around 6 CDs. But all of them sampah. The fact that they ask questions just to get a t-shirt, while giving these CDs for free just like that shows how sampah these CDs are.

But hey, maybe there are somebody out there who's interested in these CDs.
So, anybody?
RM5 each!

1 comment:

Hananeechan said...

sampah?? haha..
then, what should we call the people who tried sooo hard berebut-rebut to get that kind of things??

sampah lovers?

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