Thursday, March 26, 2009

A letter of surprise!

Last week, i got a love letter.
Not an ordinary love letter.
And not from an ordinary source either.

Whoa! A scholarship offer. NOT!!

Well, the "Love" letter was actually from the college.
And when that happens, there's surely something wrong.
It sure as hell makes me fell cuak when i see the Universiti Malaya letterhead.
But somehow luckily(well not really), it's not mailed to home.

So i opened the letter.

It's all greek to me

Nice. In case you can't read it, let me highlight some of the important things inside.

The title of the letter is,
Gagal memulangkan kunci pada cuti semester 2 2008/2009.
I never knew they actually DO take actions around the college.
Maybe because it involves money, i guess.

So, the rest of the letter is full of crap, except..

Caj Denda = RM12 sehari
Jumlah hari = 7 hari
Jumlah =

Oh, come on. Give me a break man!
RM84 for just not returning the fucking keys?
You gotta be kidding me.

It's not that i have to pay RM84 directly or it's not that RM84 is a huge fucking burden or something. It's just that the fact that they actually charge people for this kind of shit pisses me off.
It will be charged into my account though.
Since my account is already outstanding(which means i can't get my examination slip), a +RM84 charge won't do much to help the situation.
Plus, it's not even my fault!

Well, i actually passed the key to a certain person, to pass it to the office. But the person bijak sangat and passed it to someone else, along with his own set of keys, to another someone, who actually and honestly isn't the best/right person to pass things to. So, what do you get?
The bloody letter of course. For me, for him, and for another lucky soul.

Well, since there's not much can be done regarding this matter, i will do my best to "pay" the college back.
heheheh.. You don't wanna know.
Err.. but you do know what i'm gonna do right..?

Oh, and by the way, the last part of the letter stated something like,
Sebarang rayuan yang hendak dikemukan hendaklah dibuat dalam masa 7 hari dari tarikh surat dikeluarkan.

The problem is, today is the 7th day.

Oh well, nevermind then.
Just don't blame me for any broken windows/lamps/stuffs/properties and i'll be fine.


Dr.Dzul said...

jadi,kolej tahu siapa nak disalahkan sekiranya ada kerosakan apa-apa.

kak MEK pjabat said...

mne lak dtg DR.Zul lak ni..
"akak" pon nk semak gak r..
JUMPE kt kaunter pjabat isnin ni..

BuDaK PeGheLiH said...

eh..awk 8th college ke?? mcm pnh dgr plak nama dr. Dzul ni.. hakhak.. btw.. saya ex 7th :p

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