Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Jam Bumi & Audio Battle

Since almost every other person talks about the recent Earth Hour thingy, i wouldn't want to miss the boat too. So, that weekend, me, the girlfy and some friends went up the Bukit Langat to view the supposedly dark Kuala Lumpur.

I guess everybody was having the same idea then, so, the massive jam was not really a surprise. Getting up there is one hell of a mistake actually. Even finding a parking along the edges of the bukit is a challenge. By the time we got up there, it was already 850, so, KL was already "dark".
Very dark indeed.

Not so dark after all

The only notable darkness can only be seen from the main buildings like KLCC, Menara KL and the buildings surrounding. Basically, the housing areas are still lit up. What a bummer. What a waste. Going up there, going through the jam and all, just to get ourselves dissapointed. Looks like Malaysians don't really care. The hype is all over town, but the end product is sampah.
If they really want to make Earth Hour possible, there's only one way. You don't need to support it or switch the lights off or anything.
Just let TNB do it. Only one switch for one nation would do.
That, WILL work.

Since there's nothing really special and notable, we got down before the jam starts again. Pergi makan lagi best.
And again, maybe everybody was having the same idea, the makan place was packed like hell. Luckily it was worth the wait.

Since the malam is masih muda, we went to a car audio battle somewhere in Kepong. And now, THAT is fun.
There's loads of cars displaying their bodykits and engines and audio systems at a petrol station over there.
They blast their fucking speakers like hell and yeah, it's kinda cool.
Yeah, a good switch from saving the energy for 1 hour, to a sound/air pollution session.

If you think this is cool, wait till you see the next one.

The whole thing was kinda cool ya know. Just a simple audio battle at a bloody petrol station, and loads of people watching a la Fast & Furious. Their speakers are so damn loud that it feels like you're walking along Jalan P.Ramlee. hahaha.

Count the number of the goddamn speakers!

I don't really know bout engines

How bout' an LCD TV and a laser lighting system inside?

Looking at those cars made me want to join them. But then again, if and when i get myself a car, i don't think i will be making extreme modifications like that. I may beken-beken the car a little, but not like that. Maybe add a good audio system, that's all. I won't break the bank just to get a huge speaker that fills the whole backseat, or even lower the car like hell, or install a turbo engine which eats more fuel and all.
Just a simple tweak here and there will do.

Yelah kan, duit minyak pun kedekut, ni kan pulak nak turbo-turbo bagai.
Harapan ah!


Mr.Clive said...

kalau de kete ko camtu,i want to be the second one to be in the car!*after ur girlfy*hahahah

Arief Arf said...

tengok perangai dulu..

Amar Syafiq said...

saya pun ya! hahahahaha

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