Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I'm not dead yet.

Damn, it's been a long while since i updated my blog. More than a month!
Okay okay. I'll try to keep my blog updated more often eh?
I'm still here. I'm not dead yet okay, and so is the blog.

The semester has just ended. In fact, it's the end of Year 2 of my studies already. Around 1 and a half to go. How time flies eh? Let's just hope that the results will be kind. heheh

A lot has happened since my last update. But nothing great or spectacular or anything. Of course, the exams are over. Holidays are in. So, it's that time of the year again.
Lazing around the house, or the more appropriate term, menyampahkan diri.

But hey, i ain't gonna get fat this holiday.
Time to rebuild the six packs. ahahaha. Need to hit the gym as soon as possible before the malas level reaches its peak.
And yeah, i'm gonna look for a job. Can't stand being idle for too long (cewaah).

And the greatest thing is, my bloody laptop is rosak. Right at the start of the holiday. How fucking timely. And for that final few days at the college, i was like a zombie. Only now i realize how much i depend on my laptop.
No TV, nevermind. No radio, no problem. No car, no hal. But no laptop, no shit!
Wait, i sound like a techy-geek who can't live without his rig. Nooo!
The point is, i can't do anything without my laptop.

Right now, i'm onlining using my desktop, which is of course, far inferior to my laptop. Not only performance-wise, but also the contents. I miss my songs dammit!
And that is why i need to work so that i can sustain the damages from repairing the laptop. Sigh.
Please get well soon my beloved laptop for i need you so much. But oh, i still haven't sent it for repair yet though. Procrastination.

Oh and finally, Arfsenal have been playing like shit lately. I know i know. Flame me. Say what ever you want. Taunt me, boo me, diss me. Never mind. I'm still keeping the faith.
And no, i'm not betting on any Arfsenal matches as far as this season is concerned.


Thought for the day:
When you lose, don't lose the lesson.


Mr.Clive said...

setelah berminggu2 aku check blog ko
finally ko hapdet
mengisi ruang kosong lam hidup aku yang bosan at the moment

Mr.Clive said...

memang agak dependent kat laptop,now that we think about it
pastu kalau gune desktop,tetibe rase cam slow giler ar,lembap nak mampos,sume2 yang buruk la.tak best kot.dahla beso mcm gajah.hahha

Amar Syafiq said...

keje kt ou la
aku dgr topman tgh cari org
dkt sket ngan aku
yar gooners will shine keep the faith yaw!

Anonymous said...

fuck arsenal!

Anonymous said...

g la keje...xdela dok kat umah je...
bkn wat 6 packs nt..tp wat double pack..

Arief Arf said...

hahaha.. nanti la bile aku rajin aku hapdet lagi.

jauh doh!

fuck u right back!

xpe xpe.. tunggu je..

Anonymous said...

if da berhasil rebuild 6 pack tu.. show me ur pic...
gud luck!!

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