Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Finally 50

Hey hey, it's my 50th post!
It is up to you to say

50 already?


Just 50?

To me, it's more like the latter rather than the former. To think that i've started this blog sometime last year, and to reach just 50 posts in almost a year, that is not a fair return.
Well, it's true, i don't blog as often as most bloggers do. But hell, i do things my way, under my rules, right?
Quality is more important that quantity, ain't that true?
But still, i'll try my best to at least write something once or twice a week.

Looking back at my previous posts, it is fair to say that my blog posts are rather long, and there's at least something worth reading, in my opinion.
I don't do one-liner posts, i don't simply post a lyric of a song, or just a video, or something with no bloody meaning or without substance. Heck, i don't even really use shortforms and stupid typing styles.
But hey, every blog is different and different people have different styles i guess.

And finally, i would also like to thank the readers of this blog. Though it may be just 50 posts old it is your support that kept me going (cewah moment). And thanks a lot for the comments too. Really appreciate it. At least there are people who read my blog, and even have the time to comment it. I never really expected that. Thanks.

Oh and by the way, i've started working already. A part-time job, that is. I guess i just can't stand idling around the house (!!) and doing nothing (!!!).


Amar Syafiq said...

part time katne dow?

Mr.Clive said...

hek eleh...
congrats bro for reaching the golden number!
terase sheeal.ko ckp mcm tuh.haha.walaupun aku nyer dah 600++ untuk blog clive aku tuh,tpi memang x ar nak tulis karangan sumer.divide and conquer bra,divide and conquer!

dah,enuf merapu.ciao!

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