Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Work & Play

It is important to keep a balance between work and play, or so they say.
And hell yes, that is what i am trying to do now.
For the past 2 weeks or so, i've been working.
Yes, working.
No menyampahkan diri, no idling, no doing nothing. Ahem.

Considering the fact that the holiday is around 2 months, and there's not much thing to do at home (ahem), and rather than membazir duit, i might as well earn some money right?
And so, off to work i go.

Currently, i'm working at Raoul at Pavilon/Starhill Gallery.
It has one boutique in Pavilion and 2 more in Starhill Gallery. So, sometimes i'll be in Pavi and some other times i'll be in Starhill.

Since it's a boutique, or some sort of, there's not that many customers like Topman or Forever 21. And it's items are expensive too.

Being a sales associates (bukan promoter okay) who works in a boutique can be quite fun yet boring. The boring part is that i have to stand a fucking lot and that's about it. Only a handful of people walk in to the shop, let alone buy stuffs. So basically, there's even a lot of time to menyampahkan diri at work. hahaha

Although i've only been working there for around 2 weeks, i've learned quite a lot of stuffs already. Experience counts! And i've seen even a lot more. Yeah, i spend the whole day people-watching. Great.

Enough of the work crap, it's time to focus on football now. The Champions League Final of course. It's just a few more hours to go, and hell yeah of course i'm gonna watch it, even if it means being sleepy at work tomorrow (when not?).
Of course, i'll be gunning (ahem) for Barcelona. Never in a million years will i support Manshitster United. Hmmph.

Barcelona oh Barcelona, please win tonight so that there's at least something to cheer about this season. Please.

And hopefully, my next post will be a happy one.
Time to go out, lepak and watch futbol!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

well..nampaknye ur luck la..
coz barca menang..
u must be damn

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