Tuesday, June 9, 2009


No, i'm not talking about the tag that bloggers used to do.
Not the i-tag-you-you-tag-me thingy.

Today, work was a bit different. I did not go to the boutique. Instead, i had to go to the warehouse in PJ to do some tagging. Tagging, in this context, means to put a price tag on the item(s). Siap ada definition tu!
So, i had to wake up freakin' early, 7, to be precise. I had to take the Putra LRT to Asia Jaya so that they can pick me and go straight to the warehouse.
So, let's just skip the waiting story and the breakfast story and go straight to the tagging part.

You see, the company FJ Benjamin is going to have a warehouse sale sometime this week. Therefore, i, among the unlucky chosen ones have been asked to put a new price tag for the sales items. Fine, i don't mind since i have never been to a warehouse before and have never done this sort of thing.

There's a total of 84 cartons or kotak (the word carton makes me think of cigarettes LOL). Inside these cartons are handbags, shirts, shoes, SLGs, dresses and everything. Basically, what we had to do is simple.

1. Pick a carton.
2. Open it.
3. Stick the new price tag of the items on top of the current price tag.
4. Put everything back inside the carton.
5. Seal it (but not with a kiss lah kan).
6. Rinse and repeat over and over and over again.

Simple, innit?
Well, not so.

There are some items which does not have a price tag, and so a new one must be made. Then there are some items that are such a pain in the assssss. For the SLGs (thats soft/small leather goodies for you), it is packaged inside a bag, and you have to take it out from the bag, then open the zipper and take out the tag. It is so bloody time consuming. And multiply that by 84 fucking cartons.
It took the 6 (initially 4) of us around 8 hours to do this process called "tagging".
And not forgetting moving and lifting big heavy cartons. What a workout.
Now sakit belakang already.

But still, the whole thing is fun and interesting though. And most importantly, the sales items are really cheap!
Not "really" cheap, but kinda cheap lah. Now that's where the fun kicks in.
Since i will be at the warehouse sales, i couldn't stop looking and surveying all those nice items that's gonna be put on sale.

Shoe 1

Shoe 2

Take a look at both of the shoes. Both costs around RM800++.
Damn, right?
But at the warehouse sale, the price will be slashed to RM180, only.
Great huh?

That is just a few among the thousands of items. Niceeeee.
Raoul boxers are just RM 30 each. Ladies' skirts, shirts, tops and others are 2 for RM180, which is also a very good deal i think, considering the original prices of the items. Men's ties are only RM90 from the original RM219, and dresses for ladies are priced at RM150 instead of the usual RM500 and above.
Why so cheap meh?
There's no problem with the items. It's just out of season. What the hell, who gives a fuck anyway. I certainly don't mind.
I'm really interested in buying a wallet or something like that, which is just RM50-RM70 instead of the RM200+.
Oh, and the great thing about the sale is, that since this is all under the company FJ Benjamin, there's also products from Banana Republic, Guess by Marciano, GAP and some others that i can't remember, i think.

Time to save a lot of energy and of course a whole lot of moolah for the warehouse sales!


Mr.Clive said...

wah lao weh
gua respect sama lu la brader!!

Amar Syafiq said...

best gile!

bile warehouse sale ni n di mana?

Arief Arf said...

hahaha sal doh?
ape yg nak respeknye.

warehouse sale start arini.
kat shangrila.

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