Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cerita Basi

Now the story that i wanted to tell is basi already. Sigh.
Never mind though.

I already mentioned about the warehouse sales in my last post right?
Now the story continues.
The last time, i told you about the tagging thingy right?
This time, it's even better.
It's unpacking and displaying.
Hell yeah. There's a total of 94 freaking cartons to be unpacked and displayed. If tagging was hard, this was even worse. The tagging thingy took around 8 hours to complete. This one took 12. Nice.
But somehow, it doesn't sound as bad as it may seem. Since it's in a hotel with proper air-conditioning and all, it's really fun actually.

The warehouse sales, dubbed the "Brandsales" was held at one of the ballrooms in Shangri-La Hotel KL. The ballroom isn't as big as i imagined though. But still, it's enough to place stuffs from Raoul, Guess by Marciano, Celine and Banana Republic. There were some luxury watches too.
The event started from Friday and ends on Sunday.
For this event, we just had to wear jeans and shirts, so, it was kinda relaxed. No boutique ettiquette needed.
The first day was frantic i tell you. It's a Friday, and come lunch time, which is extra long due to the Friday prayers (which i obviously missed, ahem), the crowd was like mad. It was like Petaling Street already, no, no, more like pasar malam.

The Raoul shirts are placed on the selling floor and no staff is needed over there. So, it's like every man for himself. Since there's no staff manning the shirts, people start dropping them on the floor and all. Who cares eh?
Then, there's the Raoul counter, which has shoes for men and ladies, ladies' handbags, cufflinks and SLGs. There were around 4 of us behind the counter. And i was mainly in charge of the ladies' handbags and shoes. When the Friday lunchtime comes, suddenly it felt like a freaking tsunami. RM350 handbags are sold like pisang goreng.
Somehow, the ladies' shoes didn't sell that much, but men's shoes sold well just like a bloody pendrive at a PC Fair.

The first day was really tiring, really. But the great thing is, food is provided, and there's no need for manners and ettiquette unlike in the boutique.
In the boutique, you have to be very gentle, polite and all with the customers. Here, heh.
Sendiri mau ingat. haha. Can even speak a la pasar malam people with the customers some more.

"Alo sir, this kasut aa, made in italy oo. Ni ori punya leather. Bukan ciplak. Ni dah murah gila dah ni. Kat Petaling Street pun tak boleh dapat!"

"Semua baju yang ada kat situ, itu je la. Kalau takde saiz maknenye dah takde la tu."

"You pakai ini kasut manyak ngam oo. Ala, murah saja maa. Ambik dua la!"

It was kinda fun. A pasar malam experience in a hotel. Now that doesn't come along every other day huh? If i were to speak like that in the boutique, heaven knows what those rich fucking bastards would do. hahaha

The second and third day however, was a far far cry from the first. There were not many people. It's a fucking weekend, and it's a fucking sale, but there's not many people. WTF? I don't really mind though. This means that there's even more time to lepak and waste time and gossip and all. There's even free coffee outside courtesy of the hotel. So, apa lagi, bedal la. Almost every half an hour we will order different types of coffee. Capuccino, mocha, latte, earl grey tea and what not. LOL. There's even one time where there are more staffs smoking and having coffee than the staffs inside the ballroom. Nice eh?

Taking a photo is part of the work too

In the end, it was quite a good event, although it could have been better. However, i had such a great time there, and i learnt a lot of stuffs from that few days, seriously. Great experience, good times. Hopefully there's more to come.

Oh and of course, there's this one really fucking cool Raoul sneakers that i really wanted. I reserved it since the unpacking day. It's simply perfect. There's 3 colours, bronze, silver and gold, and i really like the silver one. Perfect condition, perfect size and everything. It's bloody cheap too! I reserved it until the end of the sales... just to let it go in the end. Why?
Ahh.. That's for me to know and for you to wonder. Sigh.

Oh, and by the way, i actually hate posting something with big gaps. Makes me forget what i wanted to post. Actually, there's just too many things to tell, but too little time i guess. Busy lah katekan. Hahaha.

Oh shit, i'm working tomorrow. I forgot. I better sleep.

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