Saturday, July 11, 2009

Not Responding 2

Gile malas nak update blog.
This time i'm really busy, seriously.
Well, okay, not really that busy, but busier than usual.
It's almost a week into the start of the semester, still no classes yet. But busy as hell with some projects. No sweat though.

So, finally, i got my laptop repaired. Yeah, like finally.
It's been idle and rosak for almost 2 months. I only sent it for repair only a week before the semester starts. Luckily it's already okay now. Can't imagine my life without it.

You know what's wrong with my laptop? The motherboard is rosak.
Why? Overheating.
How come? I can't really blame the lappy since it's pre-rosak days, it's turned off only around twice a week or so. Well, make it three or four for the occasional blackouts. -_-
Plus, playing games for long hours is also a strain to my laptop, i just learned. (wtf right?)

So, before sending it for repair, i surveyed the cost for repairing and all at Low Yat. You know how much does it fucking costs?
RM500. Five freaking hundred just to repair the bloody motherboard.
And around 8-10 days.
And i was like nooo shittt.

I kept on surveying and basically the price range and the duration it takes is about the same. Then, while i was going down the elevator, then came this Chinese guy out of nowhere and said to me,
Lu mau repair laptop ka? Mari ikut saya. Saya bawak jumpa kawan saya. Manyak murah.
Alrighty then, no problem. So i followed him to his friend's shop.

It was an Indian/Bangladeshi shop i guess. But there's also this one Malay guy working there. I told him the problem, and he said,
Oh, ni motherboard rosak ni. Takdahal lah.
And i was somehow impressed, kinda. He said that it will cost me RM300. See the huge difference? I asked him how long and he said,
Ni kejap je. Esok pun boleh siap ni. Sebenarnye petang ni pun boleh, tapi takut tak sempat je.

No way, right? Almost half the price and takes just one freaking day to repair! I was quite sceptical at first, but what the hell, i'm broke, i'm desperate, and who gives a shit right?
So, i left it there and went back home.
The next day, i called the guy, and he said it's done. Gila excited beb!
So, i went there, tested it and everything's fine. Nice.

So i asked the guy, why the difference? He said,
biasalah, kat atas tu semua ambik untung banyak, buat kerja pun malas.
Whoa, great huh? He then told me to take care of the laptop and all. One of the reasons behind the overheating is also the AMD processor that i'm using, which is so fucking prone to overheating. Main game sikit dah panas. Camne nak buat kerja camni? LOL

Before i left, he also warned me about the laptop. He said that once the motherboard is rosak, there's always a chance that it will reoccur. Relapse, or whatever. And he said, and maybe it's not recoverable at all.
And his best advice was:
Trade-in or sell the laptop and buy a new one.

And by the way, he's also a Computer Science student from UPM. But hey, i don't wanna work in Low Yat okay.

So, the thing is, now that my laptop is fine, well, it's not really fine. It crashes.
A lot. Plus all the not responding, Firefox crashes, Windows explorer crashes and what not.
I don't know why. It was like that also before repair.
So, i guess the guy was right after all. I do need to sell this laptop and get a new one.
I really need a stable, non-volatile laptop, so that i can do my work peacefully. Yes, work. Not games. Ahem.

So, for now, i just need to keep my fingers crossed so that this laptop won't crash while i'm doing my work, or even while i'm typing this for that matter.

And the final lesson is, RM10 coolers don't work. No they fucking don't. So is the RM20 ones.

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