Thursday, July 23, 2009

SIFE National Competition 2009

This is the reason why i haven't been updating my blog for quite some time now.
I've been busy. Really busy with this thing called SIFE, Students in Free Enterprise.
I never thought that i would enter this kind of organisation, let alone be apart of the presenting and competing team.
Yes, that's how much joining this have changed me.

SIFE University of Malaya is competing for the first time in this competition, which has been dominated by UiTM ever since its inception.
This is the first time for SIFE UM as it is still new for UM. Just established earlier this year.
Basically, SIFE is about entrepreneurship and all. And this competition pits all of the participating universities, where we all present our projects which impacts not only ourselves but the community and the nation as well.

I was in the presenting team, and to tell you the truth, i never had experiences presenting in front of a very large crowd before. So, imagine PWTC for a first-timer. Hell yeah, it is an achievement, it is an accomplishment, at least for me.

The size of the room does not prevent the size of fear from growing

A total of 14 universities took part in this year's competition, and is divided into 4 small leagues of 4 and 3. Our team were lucky enough to be inside the league with not-so-big names. In this round, we presented to around 7 judges inside a small room. But even this small room can become a big fear.

A few days before the big day, i was still unable to memorize my part and all. And there was a lot of stuttering and all. Damn. But luckily and fortunately, i managed to overcome that and i was able to present smoothly (almost) in front of the judges. Damn, what a relief it was. And to our delight, we managed to go through to the final round, the Final Four of the competition, which is the next day.
Somehow, having been able to do quite well in the first round has boosted our confidence level. So, for the final round, i wasn't as shaky and as nervous as i was in the first round the day before. But this time around, we have to present inside the main hall with around 14 judges, who are CEOs of big big companies plus hundreds of other spectators.

SIFE Universiti Malaysia Sabah won the competition and truly deserved their award and are sure more than able to carry Malaysia's name in the SIFE World Cup to be held in Germany later this year. Although we did not win the competition, it was such a huge achievement for us because we are inside the final four in our first ever try.
We have made an impact, and there's more to come.

This experience is surely invaluable to me and also to the others as well. We did not only win a lot of hearts with our approach, we also made a lot of new friends and not to mention business contacts (i like!). SIFE UM will surely come back stronger next year, and will prove what the judges say; SIFE UM is the team to watch out next year. Hell yeah we are.

All the hardwork and all the pain, sweat, blood and tears have finally paid off. 3 hours of sleep a day (or even less), and a lot more that we have all gone through. I even lost a few kgs (great!)!
Therefore, I'm grateful to Allah for giving me this opportunity to improve myself and also for giving me the will and courage to go through everything. I would also like to thank my family, the girlfy, and my friends for their endless support.
Last but not least, i would like to say thanks to all the advisors, presenters and other SIFE UM group members for always being there to help (Geng GSS rocks!). It has been a pleasure knowing all of you guys, and working with you guys, and i'm looking forward to achieving success with these bunch of great people.

Success is written all over this picture. LOL

Now, it's time to take a break for a while (just a while), pay my sleep debts, party and enjoy a lil' bit perhaps, and focus on my studies (ahem) for sure, before plotting a new plan to bring SIFE UM to the World Cup in Los Angeles, next year.


Anonymous said...

kenapa asyik uitm dominate? are they that good?

leafareesya said...

arief telah jadi usahawan bejaye.
jangan emo. sian pekerja bawah ko t.

Arief Arf said...

bout the uitm thingy, there's a lot of stories/rumours. biaselah kan..

belum berjaya lagi doh.. huhu
aku mane ade emo cam ko.. hahahahaha..

Anonymous said...

lupa nak letak nama!
Afiq MMU.

Spill the beans! sebab I heard that the judges are from corporate companies, camne nak bias pulak. Or dorang mmg bagus? I watched their performance dekat world cup on youtube (yg tu je ada). They were in final round!! dekat world cup! gila hebat! bangga jugak laa anak malaysia macam tu.

tapi napa tahun ni dorang xmenang?
sebab org dah meluat tgok dorang jadi winner ke, sebab ums bagus gila?

i'm so joining SIFE next year!

Arief Arf said...

afiq mmu,
hahaha.. it's good to hear you're joining sife next year..
good luck!

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