Sunday, July 26, 2009

Six Packs of Ramadhan

Hey ho!
In just a matter of weeks, we will be celebrating the month of Ramadhan!
Yup, it is near. It will arrive in less than a month.
That's how time flies.

So, why suddenly talk about Ramadhan? Gila ke budak ni?
Nah, i just went for a kenduri at my grandpa's house just now.
Somehow, it felt kinda like bulan puasa season. All the food, all the variety, all the relatives, all the kids and everything else.
Well, the most important thing is the food actually. LOL

With just one session of eating like that, it can ruin a whole week of good eating habits. Damn, achieving the six pack is hard. Damn oh damn.

Therefore, i have made some ground rules for myself to follow,
so that i can stay on course towards achieving my six pack abs.
Estimated time to complete is around October. Possible?

1. No eating after 10pm. Well at least avoid rice after 10pm.
2. Only eat chicken once in 2 days.
3. Eat more fish. Why fish? -_-
4. Exercise more more and fucking more
4.1. Start playing futsal in the evenings like usual.
4.2. Go to the gym AT LEAST once a week.
4.3. Exercise at room.
5. Do not get influenced by others (important!)

Should i be able to follow these, then takdahal lah!

Back to the Ramadhan and Hari Raya thingy, i just can't wait for the festive season to come. You know, the feel and all.
So, time to start shopping for Raya and also time to think of the various Pasar Ramadhan to go to.
Oh, most importanly, don't forget to ganti your puasa, brats!

And the most ironic of all, while i was typing this, the song
Menjelang Hari Raya by DJ Dave came out.

Oh and by the way, this post is actually utter rubbish, i was so bloody bored.

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