Monday, July 27, 2009

The Monster Cupboard

Finally, a relaxing weekend that i can enjoy.
A weekend that i can spend my time with my family (busy giler bunyi).
No work to be done. No assignments to be submitted (so far), no meetings to attend,
I can finally enjoy the sleep that i so so deserved.
Not to mention eat like hell in a kenduri, damn, it was nice, good food.
The only sad part is that the girlfy isn't around.

Earlier in the weekend, i had to move rooms in my college. You see, the original rooms have this one big chunk of a cupboard smacked in the middle of the room, which also acts as a divider between the two sides of the room. On one side will be the senior, and on the other side will be the two juniors.

Narnia inside

For the juniors, it would be quite a pain as sharing a very limited space and a cupboard could be quite challenging. But for the seniors, it would mean privacy, and not to mention the whole cupboard to yourself.
But recently, they took off the monster cupboard, and replaced it with small cupboards, and an additional desk.

This doesn't only make the room appear bigger and more spacious, it gives the juniors more space too. But, being a senior who has been living with the monster cupboard for the past few years, i, and most of the others would still prefer the good ol' monster cupboard.
The main reason? Privacy of course.

Now, the room is basically bare. No dividers. So, even to change your fucking clothes is hard. Well, slumber sudehh.
And the additional desk in the middle is too close to my space, which seems kinda bothering. Imagine the thought of studying/working/writing/onlining on your table with someone looking at you from the desk behind. I just don't like to be watched from behind when i'm doing something. It's just uncomfortable.
It's also frustrating having to control the volume of my 5.1 speakers just because the room is too.... open. With the monster cupboard before, whatever happens in my area, stays in my area. Hell yeah!
Unfortunately, i forgot to take a pic of the modified room. Nobody really likes it, so who cares anyway.

But now, i don't know why, we had to move blocks. The current block needs to be vacated because i don't know why.
Luckily, the block that we moved to now is still using the monster cupboard. Yay!
So, back to the old days. Unlimited privacy, unlimited noise and what not.

And too bad for the juniors. It must suck to be you.

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Anonymous said...

aku rasa korang kena pindah pasal banyak kes kecurian kat blok tu kot?

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