Thursday, August 6, 2009

H1N1 Anyone?

Let's talk about health for a second.
Now, this H1N1 thingy is getting bigger and bigger and spreading like wildfire.
Many public universities, schools and even universities are closed because of this.
But the question is:

Is it the right thing to do?

I don't think so.
The problem is, these institutions close, send the students/kids/whatever back home, and quarantine those who they think are infected.
Of course, those who they thought are infected are those showing symptoms.
And those who went to the clinic to check.

So, what about those who don't? What about those who simply pop a Panadol and sleep it off? Aren't they suspected?

That's the main problem you see.

When these institutions are closed, and when these kids go back to their hometowns, this will multiply the chances of H1N1 to spread at their hometowns, don't you think?

Well, this became a concern for me, especially since the girlfy is quarantined in her university. LOL.
And now, almost all major universities are closed, like UPM, UiTM, Uniten, UUM and many more, except for UM.
UM students are healthy huh?


Personally, i think, what they should do instead of quarantining those they feel are infected, which is of course a long long shot from the actual number,
why not check every single person before letting them go back?
Rather than checking just a few and letting others go back just to spread the flu, why not do something more reasonable and logical?

According to the girlfy, to send the blood sample for testing alone would cost around RM1500. For a single person. Yes, it is damn expensive.
Of course, the process would be tedious, time and cost consuming, but what the hell, we are talking about saving lives here.
Well, that's just my opinion though. But by now, i guess everybody has been infected.
We are all zombies now. Yeah.

Visit Malaysia 2010

So, back to the story of the girlfy being quarantined and all, somehow, she managed to come back as her university is closed. Since she's kinda sick and all, we went to a clinic, and my god, it's packed like hell. And it's already close to midnight!
Even the akak counter said that people who came at 9 are still waiting for their turns.
What the hell.
If clinics are like that, what more public hospitals. You do the maths.


And the sad thing is, they only give the masks to patients. The doctor at the hospital gave it to the girlfy just because she's considered a patient. Just because i look and feel healthy, i don't get one. WTF?
Looks like i have to pretend to be a patient to get a free mask. heh.
Damn, i want one!


Hananeechan said...

mask tu beli kat guardian suda..

Arief Arf said...

la ade jual ke. bape?
nak free bleh.

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