Thursday, August 13, 2009

International Left-Handers Day

Hell yeah!
Today is our day people!
Today, we, lefties, rule!
We have our own special day to celebrate, and at an international scale as well!
Is there any day for you "righties"?

I am Legend

Being a lefty has always been something special.
People would always go..

eh, dia tulis tangan kiri la.

Wow, you're a lefty!

Laa.. kidal rupenye dia ni.

..stuffs like that.

Okay okay, let's move on to the history of the day first.
13 August was chosen as the lefties day, just to increase the public awareness regarding
the advantages and the disadvantages of being a lefthander. It was first observed in 1976, but the whole thing was made official in 1992, or so they say.
I must be joking, you might think. No.

Being a lefty has a lot of advantages and disadvantages.
When i was little, i remember that most of the people around me scolded me for using my left hand to write. It's not my choice, really.
Some old folks tale says that lefties are children of Satan (LOL), and so on.
It is also related to hygiene or some sort, as we Asians, Malaysians to be precise, use our left hand to wash our asses. hahaha

I am so gonna buy this

But hell, who cares. I don't like stereotype. I dare to be different. cewah. So, i see it as a gift.
As i grow older, more and more people start to praise my leftiness. They say that lefties are intelligent, genius, brilliant, you know the drill. Basically, lefties are smarter.
Well, there is a living proof, innit? heheh.

Read only if you have one

People who use their left hands uses more of their right brain, and righties vice versa. Basically, people who uses their right-brain are more creative, and are more intuitive, while people who uses more of their left-brain are more analytical.
To put it simple, lefties are cool, and righties are boring. Yeah!

Swiss knife for lefties!

I still have some difficulties though. For example, when using scissors. The handles are somehow righty-oriented, and therefore, i would prefer tearing things apart rather than cutting it. heheh.

This is not Jawi

Writing is also a big problem. Since the normal way to write is from left to right, so, writing from left to right using the left hand would be a pain in the ass, especially when using a gel-based pen. There would be smears all over the place, especially for a fast writer like me.
The only way to write without smears, is to write in Jawi or Arabic, which obviously i suck at.

But hey, i'm not really a lefty out and out. I'm more of an ambidextrous person. I play football using my right leg, i play snooker/badminton/squash/tennis/pingpong using my right hand, and of course, i know how to eat the proper way.

God is fair, and that's why these difficulties are offset with creativity, intelligence, and of course, good looks.

So, to all you lefties out there, today is our day, and let's enjoy it.
Because LEFT is RIGHT!


Anonymous said...

kalo bab memuji diri sendiri..huh
x bley blah..haha

someone u know said...

why did i always dreamed about u??
why did u kept showing up in my dreams??

Arief Arf said...

mana ada puji diri sendiri.

someone u know,

Fina Sophie said...

hey i just saw this entry. tak tahu pula lefties ada hari khas! rugi tak tahu selama ni. hahaaa..

andy telasai said...

proud being a lefties too...heheh ...

andy telasai said...

proud being a lefties too...heheh ...

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