Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Blog MakeOver

Not THAT extreme.

Finally, this blog has successfully undergone a makeover session.
It was way waaay due a long time ago.
Now, this blog looks better, easier to navigate, and has that sense of professionalism into it.

With this design, i can write more and more stuffs! Yay.

I kinda like the concept of the 'click here to read more' thingy. If written well, people would surely click and more eager to find out what the hell is it all about. But then again, if the topic or the intro is boring already, people won't even click. It's a good way to test my writing skills huh? hahaha

The main reason why i think that the previous layout was boring is because the colours are too dull, and it's just like an ordinary blog. Boring. (why the hell did i even bother using that layout before in the first place, i don't know)
Well, we always say that new things are better than the old ones huh? Typical human nature i guess.
Since i have plenty of time to waste, why not waste it on something that's.. more fruitful? Err.. okay. Whatever.

Oh and another thing, there's supposed to be a slide or some sort right at the top of the main page actually. But since i don't really have any idea on what pics i'd like to put it, lets just leave it empty for the time being, shall we?
I don't take photos that much, coz' i prefer being in one. So, yeah, i'm sure that you would be puking your guts out looking at a slideshow of me, me and more me. Right?
Maybe i'll go out and take some nature-themed photos, perhaps?

So, be sure to check out for more post in this revamped blog!
And watchout for the slideshow, coming soon, and it might even feature YOUR face! Woohoo!

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