Thursday, August 20, 2009

Early Jitters

What a fine day. Manshitster United losing away to Burnley, 1-0.
WTF? Burnley, of all teams?
A newly-promoted side, beating the 'champions'?
Ohh, that's gotta hurt Fergie.

You don't see this expression everyday.

Of course, Manshitster United will pick themselves up, like always. Their early season performances have never been great. They will still be challenging for the title, no doubt about that.
But losing to Burnley must have been a great blow to their big egos. But don't worry, they'll be alright.

In contrast, Arfsenal has started the season in quite a fashion. After that thumping of Everton, Arfsenal continued their fine form by beating Celtic, 2-0, away at Parkhead.
That's no mean feat, i tell you. Even the greatest teams fall at Parkhead, Scotland.
The likes of Juventus and even Manshitster United have fallen victim to the Scottish side at their home. So, it's quite something to see Arfsenal beating them soundly.

The dressing room inside the Arfsenal camp has also improved. And the players even said that the squad harmony is better than before. Which may explain the reason of Adebayor and Toure leaving. Maybe they have been the cause for all the troubles before, i don't know. Look at Gallas, he's playing football the way he plays during his Chelshit days, and scoring goals out of nowhere.
And the newboy Thomas Vermaelen is doing fine too.
Great future ahead.

Vermaelen and Gallas

But what concerns me the most is that, almost every season, Arfsenal have started their season in a somewhat great form. You know, impressive wins, stylish football and all. But when the mid-season comes, it starts to fizzle out, drawing here and there, and all that talk becomes bullshit.
So, hopefully, they will be able to sustain this momentum and get at least a trophy this season.

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