Friday, August 21, 2009

District 9 Movie Review

This is a review of the movie District 9, which if directly translated, is Daerah or Negeri Sembilan (9). But hey, it has nothing to do with Negeri Sembilan nor the Adat Perpatih it is famed for. The only thing similar is that people from Negeri Sembilan are like the aliens in the movie, banyak songeh. That's the only resemblance that i can find, sorry.
No offense, LOL.

I just watched this movie, and i think it deserves my review, since there's not much writeup on it in the newspapers. Nor there are adverts and trailers about this movie (not that i have really seen or noticed, at least).
It's not really well-known, this movie.
The most that people can recall when looking at the poster of this movie is the name Peter Jackson.

Hmm.. Sounds familiar right?
Yeah, he's the man that brought the Lord of the Rings to life.
So, this movie is from him? It must be good then.

This is not Jack Black, you idiot

Basically, people watch this film not because they knew about it, not because of the trailer, not because of the aliens or shit.
It's because of good ol' Petey.
Well at least for me though.
Not because i'm a big fan of his or the Lord of the Rings, it's just that when people say its from Peter Jackson, it must be good. Really?

So, in i went to cinema, with my parents, yes my parents.

The first 5 minutes or so
What the fuck? What the fuck am i watching?

The next 10 minutes
My mom asked me, what movie are we watching? Is this a documentary or what?

Another 5 to 10 minutes or so
Alright, what the hell have i gotten myself into? Peter Jackson's movies are usually long right? Am i gonna be stuck like this for another hour and a half? When will this end?
Wait, i wanna pee!

Well, basically, the first half and hour or so was like shit. Boring. Documentary-style or some sort a la Borat. But minus the humour and the obscenity. Plus the actors are unknown, which adds to the what-the-fuck-ness.
And i was like, oh hell, what a waste of time.

But then..

The next 30 minutes
Hmm.. it's kinda interesting. This is something different, i guess.

Towards the end
Well, not bad actually. Looking forward to the sequel, should there be one.

Yeah, after the boring documentary style part is over, the movie took a turn. It gathers momentum and it gets increasingly exciting, to be fair.
Then it becomes a REAL movie, and the storyline is not that bad, although absurdly illogical.

So, basically, Peter Jackson's strategy seems to work i guess. The poster is quite interesting, makes you wanna find out what the hell it's all about.
The starting part makes you think, what the hell is going on.
And towards the end, you're in for a ride. He made it like the whole thing was true.
Well, that's all i can say. I don't want to give any spoilers or anything (because i hate fucking spoilers).

Are you human anyway?

Personally, i think the movie was okay. It's certainly worth the money and worth watching at the cinema.
Just to remind you, this movie may not be everybody's cup of tea. It's something different actually. You'll either love it, or you'll experience the longest 1 hour 45 minutes of your life.
You have been warned.

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