Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Soya Bean Sial Story

My Ramadhan is never complete without some sort of sialness.
This thing happened earlier in the month of Ramadhan, sometime around the week before last.

Since it's the first few days of Ramadhan, the whole concept of Pasar Ramadhan or "Param" is on everybody's mind, really.
The nearest, easiest and the best Param around UM area is the one at Section 17 Petaling Jaya, near UIA.

I've been going there since a few years ago, so it's nothing really new actually. It's quite big, and the selection is okay. That was last year. This year, it's not as meriah as it used to be. There are lesser stalls, lesser choices, and maybe slightly more expensive.

What i remember the most about the Param is the Soya Bean drink. There's this stall last year, where it sells Soya Bean, of course (duh). It claims to be the "Biggest Soya Bean in 17".
Whoa, what a bold claim, huh?

The soya bean in all its glory

It's not surprising, since it is really big, and one packet costs RM2. And it serves around 3-4 people easily. Yeah, it is that big, and it is kinda cheap.

So, on one fateful day, which was around two weeks ago, me and my friends decided to go there.
We decided to go there since the lauk offered at the Dewan Makan in my college that day was kinda shitty.
Biasalah, memilih.

We only went out of UM at around 6.30pm, which was of course quite late, considering the traffic and all.
We somehow managed to reach there on time though.

Once we set our foot over there, the whole rush of nafsu to buy everything came. Nothing new really, heheh. Well, with me being me, i decided to take a look around first, buy later. Well that's my philosophy.

So, i walked right till the end of the Param without buying anything. I refused to buy anything. Not until on my way back. It's the case of survey everything first, buy later lah.

Then, i found the Soya Bean stall. The exact stall which claims to sell the biggest Soya in Section 17. So, i made my first purchase.
A hot soya bean.
Being a smartass, i thought that buying the hot one is better than the cold one. The ice will surely melt, and it will spoil the taste of the Soya Bean drink. I could always get ice from my Dewan Makan, no problem.

So, we made our way back slowly, going through all the crowd. It was already late, and i still haven't bought anything to eat. Nevermind, there's always more in front.
But as i walked along, there seems to be less and less food left. The ones that i had on my mind earlier were all finished. Oh, nevermind, there's always more in front.

As the berbuka puasa time approaches, things started to get frantic. People are desperate, so they just simply buy anything that they can get their hands on.
Maybe it's because it's still early days in Ramadhan, all the stalls are finished early. Everybody buys from there, and they didn't cook enough food, or whatever.

Which means, i don't actually get the chance to buy anything.
As i walked along, almost back to the starting point, there seems to be nothing left already.
What the fuck?

And so, i went back, without nothing except a bloody so-called Biggest Soya.
Yes, that's all.

I didn't buy anything. No food. At all. Just soya bean. Nice eh?

As we were crossing the street to get to the car, the azan is heard. So, imagine having your berbuka puasa right in the middle of the road with nothing except the fucking soya.
And to make things worse, the knot on the Soya plastic is kinda hard to open, so i had to drink a friend's drink. Great.

So in the end, we went back to the college and tapau the fucking leftovers from the Dewan Makan, which was almost closing, that time. It couldn't get any worse, don't you think?
Yeah, in the end i had to settle with the shitty food.

When i finally managed to open my drink while eating the shitty shitty food, the sial doesn't stop there.
The Soya Bean is sugarless. Not the healthy-kind-of-type sugarless, but plain sugarless. Soya Bean drink without air gula.
And how the fuck would that taste, let me ask you?

By that time, i was starting to get fucking cranky. Imagine this.
You are hungry. You went to a Param to get some food. You only end up buying a fucking soya bean. And you had to settle for a shitty food from the Dewan Makan.
And, the Soya fucking Bean is not even drinkable.
So much for the "ice will melt and spoil the Soya" shit.

So, i put aside the Soya first, and i made my own Grape cordial instead. Damn.
Nak makan pun tak ada selera dah.

Later that night, i made my own Air Gula to add to the Soya Bean.
And no, the sial doesn't stop there. No no.

I simply mixed the Air Gula with the Soya Bean drink without even checking it.

Tau Fu Fa in a packet?

Yes, the whole fucking packet of the tasteless Soya Bean is spoilt. It's curdled, just like Tau Fu Fa.
Fuck fuck fuck.

I still didn't give up though. I shook the packet to mix it back again. Successful, kinda.
Oh, what the hell, please just let me drink my Soya Bean.

And yes, it was masam already.
Fuck fuck fuck again.
Why me????

I finally gave up, and put the Soya Bean to where it truly belongs. The dustbin.
What a waste.
That made me super duper cranky for the whole fucking day.

And i have never bought Soya Bean ever since.


Sis said...

Hahahahahahahah shian adik??? Aww...beli soya kotak je sudahhh...don't trust all these peniaga param! Moral of the story: Rezeki dewan makan dah ada, kenapa memilih? Kan dah rugi, penat, kelaparan, hangin satu badan. Pahala pun dah sub zero dah from all that swearing. ;P

Wawa~* said...

huhu.. malang sungguh nasib... sabaq naa..

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