Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I dyed my hair

Last Sunday, i dyed my hair.
It was not really the best job though.
It's ok, but err.. i don't know. There's just something not right.

Actually, i never really wanted to dye or highlight my hair. But since the sis is paying, so,
mulalah gatal tangan nak cuba macam-macam.
In the end, padan muka to myself.

Mugshot: Rear view

I have gotten quite a few responses about my hair.
Some say it looks like rempit, some say i look like a punk, some say i'm a gangster,
and some even say i look like a gayboy.

I would always get a lot of stick whenever i did something. Anything, in fact.
All the usual lah. haha

Oh what the hell. Looks like i'll be wearing a songkok for this Hari Raya for the first time then.


Anonymous said...

so, awek lu ckp pe bro?
lu nampak cam ape plak?

Anonymous said...

ko budak UM? fakulti ape?

--- Arief Arf said...

awek aku x cakap pape lagi. belum.

sape nihh?

Hananeechan said...

ade hikmah disebalik kejadian..pakai la songkok jgn bukak2. hahah

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