Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Steamboats in Sunway

This is the REAL steam boat.

Whenever the words "steamboat" and "Sunway" are mentioned in the same breath, people will automatically think of Flaming Steamboat.

On one fine day in Ramadhan, which was around a few weeks ago, me and the girlfy decided to go and break our fasts at Flaming Steamboat Sunway.
Since we were around that area that time, we figured that it's best to go there ourselves to book a table. Unfortunately, it was fully booked. That was around 5pm.

I then remembered about another steamboat outlet in Sunway called Yuen Seafood Steamboat Restaurant. So, we went there to book instead. Although this steamboat outlet isn't as famous as Flaming, it's still packed like hell. So, we booked a table for the both of us there. Done.

Since it was already 5 something, there's no time to go to Sunway Pyramid. But it is still too early to sit in the restaurant!
So, what did we do?

We went around the area to take a look at the shops and restaurants over there.
And what did we found?

More and more and MORE steamboats!
Fucking steamboats everywhere!
And we even have the time to take the photos of almost all of the shops!

Tasty Pot BBQ Steamboat

Almost every other shop lot is a steamboat outlet. WTF?
People from Sunway are so obsessed with steamboat is it?

Hok Seng Steamboat buffet - can you see the price and the contact number as well?

All of the steamboat restaurants here have their own uniqueness. Some are open-air, some have air-cond, some are cheaper than the other, and some are just dirty.
So, it's your call. The price range are all around RM18-RM27 per person.
All you can eat. Eat till you die.

Hot Hot Pot Steamboat. But empty empty empty.

But there might be a catch. Some have taxes, while some needs you to pay for the drinks.

Jins Deli Steamboat. No Jin Notti here.

So, since there's a lot of time to waste, we decided to go into one of the restaurants there called Umami House of Steamboat. It's one of the better looking ones. Somehow, we got attracted to it, and we decided to have our buka puasa over there. Forget about Yuen Seafood.

Umami House of Steamboat

The price was RM23.90 if my memory serves me right. But the catch here is, you have to pay for your drink. Drinks are not included. WTF.
No wonder Flaming is so famous because it's slightly cheaper and there aren't any tricks or anything.

Usual stuffs

Usual Stuffs 2

Apart from that, the food available are all the usual steamboat stuffs. However, what attracts us both are actually the fresh meat available.
There are Australian and NZ strip beef, and also salmon!
Now that's hard to find in other steamboat reastaurants.


The steamboat restaurant that i went to was not that bad actually. It has two sections, one for smokers, and the inside has air-conds. The toilets are clean and the furnishing inside was quite beautiful.

The Girlfy is always happy

All in all, it was a fun activity, hunting for steamboats with the girlfy. I hope that our next steamboat session will be even more fun, plus cheaper, and not to mention bottomless drinks.

Oh, and one more thing.
Apart from the abundance of the steamboat outlets in Sunway, there are also another type of outlet that can be found easily here.
Ayam Penyet.

Who the fuck eats ayam penyet in outlets like these anyway?

You can find a lot of shops selling Ayam Penyet here in Sunway.
And again, WTF?

The conclusion for the day was,
Sunway people are all obsessed with Steamboats and Ayam Penyets.

But what makes me wonder the most was,
why isn't there any steamboat outlets like these in KL?
And how come Flaming steamboat is the only famous steamboat in Sunway?


chris@dotagaki said...

Heya, cool way to break fast. Didn't have steamboat for almost two years now but now im tempted to go for it again. Btw, a few more days of fasting then Slamat Hari Raya to u and ur girlfy.

Arief Arf said...

heya chris@dotagaki,
u shud try the steamboat immediately!
n thanx a lot for the wishes!

Anonymous said...

yep u shud try it! price wise more or less the same wit the rest, but what makes umami special is the environment.. at least u won smell like u makan in da kitchen lah! no sweaty sticky smelly feel after a hot steaming meal ;)

Chermaine said...

want to share something here, as u said, steambot everywhere, but careful on this "hok seng steamboat", the price could be cheap, but the food surve is ask you to store rubbish in your stomach. so please take extra note!

Chermaine said...

careful on "hok seng steamboat" this restaurant surve food with problem one, alot of people already band it!

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