Monday, October 5, 2009

Fab Total - Fabulosity

No no. This is not about the soap, Fab Total that you use to wash your clothes.

Sabun Buku

And no, it is not about the term "Fabulosity", which was made popular by Kimora Lee Simmons.
Not even close.

This is so gay

This is about the man, the one and only, the fabulous Cesc Fabregas.

Hey, look at the pic on the left sidebar! haha

He is the Fab One all right. Pulling all the strings in midfield, making superb passes.

Both these lefties scored last night

Arsenal won 6-2 against Blackburn Rovers at the Emirates Stadium, and the Fab One was named Man of the Match after his marvellous display in midfield.
He created four(4), yes four goals, and scored one himself. And a superb one at that!

...Thanks to Fabregas

Arsenal scored through Vermaelen, Van Persie, Arshavin, Fabregas, Walcott and even Bendtner got on the scoresheet.

"TommyGunn" Vermaelen, new signing/defender/Arsenal's top scorer

Arsenal are now in a rich vein of form, and hopefully they can maintain this sort of form so that they can challenge for the title.

Kissing the badge AND lap hingus at the same time - simply fabulous

There's speculation that the Fab One is leaving for Barcelona or even Milan, but hell no, he denies it, and he shows his love and commitment for Arsenal with his goal celebration.
Fab is here to stay all right!

Ironically, Arsenal's no.4 scoring the fourth goal

With Fab on form, and with other players coming back from injury, and also with Bendtner scoring goals, it would be exciting to watch Arsenal play and score goals for fun!

Even Nicklas Bendtner managed to score last night. Maybe he should get himself involved in more car accidents

Even King Henry was impressed

Take a look at all the goals here.
The best goals from Arsenal were the first one, the fourth and also the last one.
Enjoy the true art of attacking football, shown by Captain Fabulous himself.

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