Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Kaki Bengkak

I got a swollen foot. My precious left foot is swollen!
My left ankle, to be more precise.

Approximately 30 minutes after impact

I really fucking hate it when this happens. This kind of injury has been haunting me for years.
I had just recovered from a sprained ankle, my right one.
And just a few days after that, now my it's the other side's turn.
Talk about being fair huh.

So much for the Fabregas-inspired thingy, now i'm injured.
Cannot play futsal for at least a few days.

Normal, un-bengkak right foot

So, as usual, me being me, after being on the receiving end of a vicious swipe from another teammate(yes, teammate!), i continued playing.
It was an accident though, no worries.
I should have gone out of the game to treat it, but instead, being the typical me,
i played like usual.

Somehow it looks kinda.. weird. With all the "urat" around

So, after the match, i can barely walk properly.
To prevent the swell from "masuk angin", or so they say, i quickly grabbed an ice pack and applied it to the unlucky part.

Make-shift ice-pack

So, later that night, i went for an "urut" session.
No no, i did not go to a rumah urut.

And the term "urut" will be used instead of massage, because it just sounds.. more annoying.

I wonder what's the connection between massage and Marlboro

Since my official physio a.k.a the girlfy is not available, i had to go to my UM physio, Mr. Iqbal.
Mr. Iqbal is also good in "urut", but his technique is mainly catered to "buang angin", as Mr. Kaer would testify.
However, he is equally adept in "urut" for injury.

If only things were this easy

Regarding this "urut" thingy, you either have the talent or not. There's no two ways about it. People who are expert in "urut" knows exactly what to do, where to apply pressure and so on.
Some even have their own pantang larang such as
  • There are specific times only for the "urut"
  • No "urut" at night
  • You have to pay something to the masseur, no matter how small the amount
  • There's a limit to a number of person that can be "urut"-ed
..and so on.

Magic Potion a.k.a Minyak Gamat (phone and pail not included)

Luckily, i got my magic potion, traditionally named as Minyak Gamat for the "urut" process.
So, the "urut" session must be around 30 minutes, said Mr.Iqbal.
Argh, damn. 30 minutes of hell for me.
It felt like

After the "urut". Somehow my feet looks more vibrant haha

The pain was unbearable i tell you. Tak boleh tahan woo.
Sakit nak mampus.

And only now i remember the golden rules to treat a swollen ankle.
  • Rest
  • Ice
  • Compress
  • Elevate
..which of course i did not obey.

Coconut Milk Rice

Who the fuck remembers about RICE when they are out playing sports? All i could think of was of course rice as in food.

Thanks a lot to Mr.Iqbal for his willingness to "urut" my ankle, while making me suffer incredible pain.

Gambar hiasan. Do not go

And to Mr.Dzul who injured me(accidentally, ahem), you need to treat me to a rumah urut! hahahahahahaha

On the brighter side, now i have a reason to NOT go to class!


JMR said...

cam trok je bengkk tu?..

g ngurut le kaki tu, jgn ngurut bnd lain plak..:-p

Arief Arf said...

hahaha.. jangan risau.

Anonymous said...

poyo la injured

violet turns grey said...

my lefty is also the same
gara-gara nak kejar bas, lalu terperosok masuk dalam lubang yang ditutupi rumput tebal.
sakit oh.
i can't feel my left leg after that. kinda worried
naik bas jengkot2. dah la naik bas rapid untuk o.k.u. memang padan la. haha.

Arief Arf said...

violet turns grey,
hahaha.. geng oku lah kita!

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