Wednesday, October 7, 2009

New Cigarettes Price - Harga Rokok Naik

If you're a smoker, or you're about to get involved in smoking, this should be quite a news for you.

The prices of cigarettes have been increased!

The Government has increased the excise duty on tobacco by
5.6% or 1 sen per stick (sebatang).

However, there are NO official announcements made by the Finance Ministry or even the Customs Department.

The price for large cigarette packs (20) had been increased by 30 sen while the price for smaller cigarette packs (14) increases by 20 sen.

Jangan harap la nak pau gua

This is just absurd, illogical and plain stupid. Why?
It was said that the price will be increased to 1 sen per stick,
and if you do the fucking simple math,
why the hell would they increase 30 sen for a pack of 20, instead of just 20 sen?

1 sen per stick x 20 sticks = 20 sen ≠ 30 sen

Typical Malaysian. LOL

So, for now, the prices of the cigarettes would be..

Cigarette Old Price New Price
Marlboro 20s RM 9.00 RM 9.30
Marlboro 14s RM 6.70 RM 6.90
Winston 20s RM 7.50 RM 7.80
Winston 14s RM 5.90 RM 6.10

And to make things even better,
Budget 2010 is just a few weeks away. And the price of a stick of a cigarette is
expected to rise another 1-3 sen!
Be prepared, you have been warned.

And the total of the increase might be even more with their shitty way of calculation.


tujuhhariseminggu said...

sigh... <---- ceh, walaupun x merokok nih....
susah la nak pau abg ku nye duit....

Hosney said...

naik harga cam mane pun, perokok tetap beli gak. Bukan caranya nak hentikan orang merokok..yang penting cukai kerajaan masyuk..

Arief Arf said...

takpe, pau je. jangan biar die habis duit kat rokok. haha

betul betul. mahal cane pun orang beli jugak..

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