Thursday, October 8, 2009

Playing a game as a class assignment is cool

How would that sound to you?
Wouldn't it be exciting?

The word assignments have been synonymous with students since forever. And the word assignment is not good news either.

I'm afraid that i have to give you some extra work. Go and play DoTA for 5 rounds NOW!

However, this is not the case for the girlfy. She actually had to do an assignment, for her Business subject or something, by playing a game.

Yep. The lecturer told her class to play the game Lemonade Tycoon 2. LOL.
Since the game involves err.. selling lemonades, it does involve business.

Assignment 1

In the game, you start as some nigga in the Bronx, selling lemonades in your neighbourhood. As your business grow, you expand your business and move to bigger places and create franchises and so on.
There are quite a few basics of business that you can learn in this game.

The game is fairly simple. You mix you recipe for the lemonade, you order your stocks, set the price and there, that's it.
You can also upgrade your lemonade stall, train your staffs and so on.
This game is simple and easy to understand.
Not to mention educational. haha

Selling lemonades can make you rich faster than a skim cepat kaya

The girlfy's lecturer said that the game is used to show the students how to manage your business and so on. How nice eh?
Every student needs to play the game, get a lot of print screens, and make a report regarding the whole thing.

And the best part is, the student who gets the highest points in the game will get extra marks!
How fucking cool is THAT?

I'm a fucking computer science student and not even a single lecturer has mentioned the word 'game'!
All they know about is case studies, reports, coding and shit.
Bloody typical computer geeks.

Typical. But he smokes!

But hey, since i'm in a good mood today, i'll give you the download link for the game.
It's free, it's the full version and it's only 10mb small.
It's those kind of games where you just want to waste some time.

And make sure to install the game properly, or else you would end up playing the
60 minute trial version!

Do leave a comment if you have problems installing it.

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