Thursday, October 22, 2009

Inflammation / Boil / Bisul

The title says it all.
I got a bloody, nasty inflammation a.k.a boil or bisul in Malay.

Fortunately, It is located on my forearm, near the elbow.
Luckily, it's not on my face or my eyes or even worse, my ass.
Okay, scientifically, boils or inflammations are usually caused by an infection of bacteria or parasites (hey, i was a Bio student okay).

Yeah, it looks like..

However, the old wives tales (kata orang-orang tua) look at it a bit differently.
Usually, when there is a bisul near a person's eye, the old folks would always say that it's because of mengintai or mengendap or skodeng (peeping tom).
Or if you got a bisul on your ass, that's because you sat on a pillow. Sitting on a pillow is a no-no in Malay culture, or so they say lah.

But this bisul is located near my elbow, so what could my elbow possibly peeped at?
And how the fuck could this elbow look?
Elbows got eye meh?
And i certainly didn't put or rest my elbow on a pillow.

And i don't see any reason why my elbow is infected. I didn't do anything, i didn't play in the mud or something like that.

I'm not showing off my biceps here

Whatever it is, it is bloody painful.
And it keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger.

Will it explode?
I seriously have know idea what to do.

If i'm not mistaken, the best way to cure a bisul is by applying kapur sirih on the affected area.
Now where the hell do i get a kapur sirih?

And some people say it's best to use the leaf of a hibiscus (bunga raya).
Now THAT is patriotic all right.

Hey, at least i got a tit on my arm!

And a friend suggested for bekam using lintah (leeches).

Err.. i'm not really keen on the idea of an animal sucking my body parts.
I would consider humans though. haha

So guys, help me out here!
Any suggestions?


natra md.nor said...

wooo...besau tu bisul ko! P farmasi lorhhh mintak ubt bisul..

Jard The Great said...

ewwww.. ehehehe.... tak leh nk picit ek? mcm jerawat?

Anonymous said...

Gambar 1st tu mcm nipple dowh. LOL.

Arief Arf said...

ubat ape doh. bape ringgit?

gile ape nak picit.
sakit nak mati kot.

nipple sape?
eh jap, nipple tu ape?

leafareesya said...

ei. yikes. ko watpe smpi dapat bisul ni biol. hahhaha.
semoga bisul sembuh~

chris_lim said...

lol, vry unfortunate for your hand tit. Juz give it time or if u can't stand it, take a needle and poke through it (don't take this advice)

Hananeechan said...

eyh, hibuscus leaf does work..
but as far as i know, dia kurangkan bengkak n merah je..well, just harm pun..

lizz said...

try bekam lah..cuz bisul ni rasenyer cuz darah kotor.. huhuhuh

natra md.nor said...

ko g je farmasi, tunjuk bisul ko kat pharmasist tu.. nnt ade r die rekomen ubat bisul kt ko.. harga? not sure! hehe.. tp bwh 40 kot.. said...

Oh dear....looks like a very bad infection eh? Visit a doctor if it gets worse K? BTW, TQ 4 coming by my blog. Takecare

Arief Arf said...

aku pun tataw ape salah aku.
isk isk

there's no way im gonna poke the tit!

mane ko taw? penah cube ke?

leceh la bekam bekam ni..

mahal la plak..

nahh.. i dont think a trip to a doctor is needed.hehe

Anonymous said...

nah..g kt link blog nie..tah blog sape2 tah..
bace s'dr..
malas aku nk terangkan..haha

Cik Cookie said...

Best solution ---> surgery department.surgeon akan toreh skit bg kuar pus.then will b ok after 2days.

syazryn sabry said...

ko mengendap clive pakai kain pelekat time tidur an?dats y ada bisul..yiewww!

Arief Arf said...

thanx a lot for that helpful link!

cik cookie,
macam seram je bunyi tu..

ha ah, aku mengendap gune tangan.
bodo tol

Naz said...

hehehe. Cantik je bentuk dia. Kata2 orang tua, sebaiknya jangan diusik dulu bisul tersebut. Tunggu sampai dia masak. Dah masak buat prose mcm bekam. Ada jugak yg kata letak kapur sirih. Tapi rasa2nya langkah yang paling bernas sekali, jumpa la doctor. :)

aisyaazman said...

I think you should watch this man! This is Sh*t!

Tak bukan spam :P

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