Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Love and Sorrow : The Tale of the Swallows

This is a true story, captured in a few photos.

This story is about two swallows (Burung Layang-layang), presumably male and female, or a couple, or lovebirds.
This story shows to us humans, that animals have feelings too.

It is very touching to see that even a bird can show so much compassion towards its partner.

The female swallow, the girlfy to the male swallow, is injured.
She was hit by a car, and she's in a critical condition.
However, she was still breathing, hanging on for dear life.

"Help me!"

Then, the boyfy of the female swallow came to her aid.
She brought some food for her.
How sweet. The boyfy was very caring and he really loves his girlfy very much.

"Don't you worry darling, for i am here"

The boyfy then went away to get some more food for the dying girlfy.
Unfortunately, when he came back..

...the girlfy is dead.

"Sayang.. bangun laa.. I bawak makanan ni.."

The boyfy could not believe it!
His beloved partner has left him forever.
He tried and tried to wake his girlfy, but sadly, to no avail.

"Dont leave me please!!!"

The boyfy cried and screamed as hard as he could.
He was too late. Even tears of blood could not bring the girlfy back.

"You will always be in my heart.. forever."

He finally realised that the girlfy has left him forever.
He stood there for days and nights, just to accompany the body of the girlfy.
His love for her remains.. forever.

"Okay then, time to find another girl."

So, you see,
even swallows have feelings. And they showed it pretty well.

Humans think that they are the only ones with feelings..
Now think again.
They have feelings too.

Take good care of your loved ones, before it's too late.

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