Thursday, October 15, 2009

Futsal Shoe Surgery

My futsal boots, or my futsal shoe is in a bad condition.
Since i've been scoring too much goals, the right-front part of my right right shoe is torn.
Unfortunately, there's no picture of that.

I love this shoe. It has been with me for around 3 years.
And it has helped me to score and also create thousands of countless goals.
I just can't let her go, yet.

So, yesterday, i went to send her for a surgery.
A shoe surgery that is.
It badly needs a surgery.

Mr.cobbler, please be gentle with her

I sent it to the cobbler at PJ Section 14. Just beside the Maybank.
Since the process took about less than half an hour, so i opted to wait for my dearest shoe.

That's gotta hurt

I asked the cobbler to sew her whole body, to avoid future tears.
Since he's at it, i asked him to sew the whole pair, all round.
And it costs me just RM20.

Looks like the new Nike CTR 360, worn by Fabregas,
will have to wait then.

Why spend when you can save, right?

After the surgery

Now, my baby is back with me, all patched up.
And i'm off the injury list already.

Looks like i'm gonna SCORE tonight! (no pun intended)


lizz said...

rm20 only???wah! murahnyer...

Arief Arf said...

lizz, murah giler kan.

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