Friday, October 16, 2009

PJ19 Planet Football - Food Planet Forum 19

Got nowhere to watch live football with great atmosphere but without all the hassle?
Not anymore!

On one fine night, me and my friend Jon went out to watch football.
However, the mamak that we used to go is full, and all the nearby mamaks were full too.
It's Chelsea vs. Liverpool.
We had nowhere to go.
Suddenly, a conversation came up between us.

Weh, camne ni weh, semua tempat dah penuh. Ko taw mane-mane tempat lain tak?

Owh, aku rase aku taw ade satu tempat ni. Best gak ar.

Kat mane? Jom jom.

Tapi tempat tu macam tempat Cina sikit. Takde Melayu. Pastu serve beer ngan babi kot.
Ko kesah tak?

Tak. Ko?

Tak jugak. Kesah pulak.

Ok jom.

Ok aku tunjuk jalan.

So, off we go to PJ19 Planet Football - Food Planet Forum 19 (yeah the name is long, i just don't know what to call it).
It is somewhere in PJ Section 19, just beside PJ Section 14.

View from 50 metres..?

What i can say about the place was that it's huge. Fucking huge.
The whole place is huge, and the screen is even bigger.
And there are around 3 or 4 screens! Big big screens!

The 'other' match - nobody's watching however

There's even another screen showing the 'other' match of the night, so that you won't get dissappointed if your team is playing and no other mamak is screening it.

Makan Sutra Thai with a posing waiter

There are a variety of food over there. Just name it, they got it. From satay to nasi goreng and from Bak Kut Teh to otak-otak!
And there's also steamboat (RM10)!
But whether it's Halal or not, that's another question.

The drinks menu

We did not eat anything that night. We came to watch football, so we just ordered some drinks.
And it's not THAT expensive at all. A can of Coke costs just RM2.

Here's a receipt so that you can claim

And what's more interesting, the waiters take their orders using a goddamn PDA!
Yeah. A hawker center taking orders using touchscreen devices.
Just touch-touch a bit, and there. Done.
The service was good too. Not even 5 minutes after that, our drinks came.

The menu is small and compact. Very nice idea. Nothing to do with the beer LOL

The whole place was sprawling i tell you. And what's great about it, it's not even near full when we came there. Come on, it's Chelsea vs Liverpool! Any bloody cheap mamak would be full to the brim.

It's loooooong

There are 2 parts in the building.
One is the outdoor/open-air part, and the other is the indoor part.
Don't worry about the seats, there are plenty! Too many in fact.

We went 20 minutes into the game and we still managed to grab a good seat.

The fan was annoying!

To make the whole watching experience more interesting, the owners of the restaurant(i'm not sure if restaurant is the proper term) held a lucky draw contest!
The contest was simple.
Just spend RM10 and above, go to counter to get a scorecard, and predict the scoreline.
Simple, innit?

The jerseys are not just decos

The prize?
An Original Home Jersey of the winning team!

Only during the day - who cares?

Parking is not a problem too. There are plenty inside the building itself. You can also park outside. There's plenty of space.
And most importantly, the parking is FREE when it matters the most!

THIS is what people want.

If you're cash-strapped or you don't feel like using your precious money, you could stay in the car and watch from there too!
The screen is huge!
You can watch it from just about anywhere.

Watch from the car

And then there are other stalls too that complete the building/restaurant.
There's a snooker centre.

Snooker near the toilet

There's a kedai runcit for you to buy your chewing gums or ciggies.

Kedai Runcit

And there's even a cyber cafe for all the DoTA hardcores.
And not forgetting a car wash, while you eat.

I'm not really sure about the spelling

How cool is THAT?
They got everything under one roof!

Even got a disco ball weh!

All in all, the place was just great to watch football matches.
It doesn't matter what match that you're going to watch, as long as it is on TV, it will be shown here. No worries.

Chelsea 2 - 0 Liverpool

The only thing is that there's not many Malays here. Maybe the setting is a bit too Chinese (i'm not being racist or anything here).
If only they could make it more appealing to the Malay customers, i'm sure that Hartamas Square will bungkus!
And yeah, we were the only Malays there.


So, we went back home happy that night.
No need to watch at the lousy mamak with a not-so-big screen, too many people, unserved customers and what not.

Lepas ni tak main lah tengok kat Jamal dah!


farae said...
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farae said...

huyo.tak takot dapat selsema babi ek lepak kat situ

Arief Arf said...

why delete the comment?

xdelah. mane ade pape.

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.

Anonymous said...

I totally support that! Continue that way!

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