Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 (PES 2010) Review + Story

It's almost the end of the year.
So, let us welcome the rainy season here in Malaysia.

Almost every evening, it will rain.
This means, no futsal, and a whole lot of zzz's.
No healthy activities.

So, what to do?
Well, the Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 (PES 2010) or also known as Winning Eleven for some is out!
If you can't play real life football or futsal, then this game is the next best thing!

Hell yeah!
The game was supposed to come out around 22 October, but somehow, a friend of mine downloaded got it a few days earlier.
Ain't that cool?

Nobody buys the original

So, this post is dedicated to the game that every single male that watches football knows!
Well, not really if you're a faggot or sees 'football' as another type of sport.

The latest series of the Pro Evolution Soccer (Winning Eleven in Japan) is the best so far. I have always preferred PES over FIFA football games. Hands down.
It's just more realistic, and more fun to play.

Sendayu Tinggi : Before and After

The graphics of this game is superb.
The details are top-notch, especially if your PC comes with an awesome graphics card.
You can even see the mole on Fernando Torres!

The in-match details are also great. The players expression can be seen clearly, and the way they celebrate a goal, or react to a red card is just superb.
The commentators are also good, albeit with some stupidity.

Got graphic card, will do!

In almost all editions of this year's Pro Evolution Soccer, the cover will show two of the most deadly strikers in the business right now, Fernando Torres and Lionel Messi. There are also some covers with Ronaldo and Kaka.
Now, usually, the player that gets on the cover is usually one of the best players in the game.

El Nino in action

And true enough, they are just unstoppable. It's a bit imbalanced or IMBA, as gamer geeks call it.
In this game, Cristiano Ronaldo is the MOST IMBA player!
Just pass the ball to him and he'll be gone like a lipas kudung.
He's just so freaking fast that no defender can catch him.
Add in a few tricks, boom, goal.
That simple.


Messi, Kaka and Torres are also up there in the IMBA list, but none can beat Mr. Winker.
So basically, if you want to win, and you want to win with style, just pick Real Madrid or Liverpool and behold the one-man show.

Another thing that i don't quite like is that this game still does not have the proper license for some clubs. Arsenal and Chelsea are some of the most famous victims. Which means, Arsenal will still be called North London and Chelsea is London FC.
And their jersey is also a rubbish jersey, since they don't have the license.

Spot the mole! The mole!

Come on lah, this game has been in business since the 90's. Since the Playstation days. But each and every time i play, there will always be North London instead of Arsenal.
And North London players suck big time in this game too.
Double Damn.

All in all, the game is much much better than the previous editions, and are more realistic to play. It is slightly more challenging but it gives more satisfaction.

Enough of the reviews already.
So, since there's nothing much to do, and the game is out, what did we do?
Play the game of course!

Group Discussion Session 6 - Java Data Structures

There were 6 of us, and there were 2 PCs.
So, we created a league using a league generator from the internet and started playing.
This means,

6 players
6 teams
10 matches per team (home and away)
60 matches total
Over 6 hours of non-stop gaming
1 winner?

Each player takes control of 1 team. One round of fixture is equal to 3 games/matchdays.
Since there are 2 PCs, two matches can be played at one time. The other two players will have to watch/support/rest.

As the league goes on, it becomes more tiring.
Some have already fallen asleep, while some have sore fingers.

Group Discussion 27 - Past Year Questions

The final league positions, including the goals scored, goals against and the points are supposed to be published here, but since the league ended prematurely (fatigue), we will have to wait for another round of league to finish so that it can be published. heheheh

Well, i'm just giving a second chance to those who did not perform that day.



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