Sunday, November 8, 2009

Bad Start

As i have told you before, my exam starts last Thursday.
And it wasn't the best of starts.

The exam was at 8.30am.
By 7.40am, i was all set and ready.

Being the typical me, i did not prepare my stationeries earlier.
So, i dug out my pencil case and searched for pens and such.
There were a lot stuffs in my bulging pencil case.

Pens, mechanical pencils, highlighters, coloured pens and what not.

But the problem is, a normal, working pen was nowhere to be found.
It's either not in a good condition, as in the ink did not want to come out, or just plain out of ink.

Only certain words could be written clearly

Yep, there were 4 pens in total and 1 mechanical pencil.
Pilot, Stabilo, Papermate, you name it, i got it.
But none of them are serving their purpose.

Even the Pilot Shaker is not working, damn

The ones that are working are the stupid fancy coloured pens, highlighters and other rubbish.
It was already 7.45am, and my friends were already waiting at the car park.

So, i searched the whole room frantically, and fortunately enough, i managed to find a working pen,
and a wood pencil somewhere somehow..
What the heck, it's the end product that matters, right?

And the wood pencil is kinda broken at the tip, so i had to search for a pencil sharpener and sharpen it.
As usual, the pencil would keep on breaking and all.
Luckily, i managed to get it right after a few attempts.

Back to basics yo

So, off i go to the car park. All of my friends were waiting inside the car already.
But then, i saw one of them holding something.
Something that i did not bring. Something that i should bring.

A calculator.

Aahh.. Damn. I forgot to bring my calculator.
So, i had to run back and get my calculator.

As i was running up the stairs, my shoelaces got untied,
i tripped,
and i nearly fell down.

And i saw a big pile of cat shit just right next to the spot i tripped.
It could have been a lot worse.

So, i took my calculator and rushed back to the car.
Luckily, i didn't forget anything important.

I went into the examination hall, panting and sweating.
But not for long though.
It's 8.30am in the morning, the rain had just stopped, and the air-cond is at full blast.

Damn, i forgot my sweater!
Brain Freeze!

Luckily, my brain could still function well.

Sigh, not the best of start for the exams huh?
I told you, i had issues with Lady Luck.

That's why i needed all the good _uck i could get.


Mr.Clive said...

SI_L la bro!

Mr.Clive said... blog.ASL?hahahahahaha

Gnet said...

hahaha what a way to start the exam lol
all the best for days to come
i guess u need all the luck in the world then :D

leafareesya said...

banyaknye ko punye nasib malang. nasib baik tak terjelepuk jatuh disheet itu. huhuhu :p

Anonymous said...

serius malang..
g mandi bunga la..

YobSumO said...

not a good day.

maybe tomorrow would be the same.


betul ckp org atas, pi mandi bunga la...

Arief Arf said...

hahaha spam la lu

yeah, i need all the luck in the world!

tu ah cam biasa la aku kan..

ok gak mandi bunga kan..
naik seri sket..

everyday is the same.
isk isk

Anonymous said...

kalau mandi bunga xberkesan kot. aku rasa la ko kena mandi wajib ni. hehe...

nadirah_nor said...

uh malang nh
kene dok jauh2..
jgn dekat t berjangkit...;p

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