Friday, November 6, 2009

Unrivalled Stupidity

I have just downgraded my laptop to XP,
and there's a lot of stuffs that i don't really like.

Okay, now that's not the point.
The point is now, there's something "missing" in my Blogger's Edit Post section.
See the pic below.


Did you see something not right there?
There are a lot of things/buttons missing actually.

Colour name a few. I couldn't remember all of them.

Where the hell did they go? As far as i'm concerned, i'm using the latest versions for all of my web Browsers, i've updated all the necessary updates, installed all drivers and plugins.

What the hell did i miss?
Or does it have something to do with this Blogger thingy?

I can't stand swearing only in bold or in CAPITAL letters.
I need my "largest" font and my colours back.

Although it's just a simple matter of adding some HTML tags, it's still a bane.
But then again..

And just as i was about to hit the PUBLISH POST button, i saw something kinda odd.
I was in the Edit Html tab.
So, i pressed the Compose button.

Hey, the fucking buttons are there!

Argh damn!
It was there all along!
It's just that the window was in Edit Html mode, instead of the usual Compose mode.

All i needed to do was just click ONE fucking button.
So much for all the updates and plugins.
And poor XP has to take all the blame.

    • Damn damn damn damn.
Now i can finally use all the "missing" features.
(lepas geram)

If i were a blonde woman, i would have been the prettiest bimbo.

16 comments: said...

I thought I was the only surviving retro but here....there's someone else. Yeps, the edit html did make me pull hairs too. You are not alone! :)

kenwooi said...

there's a new editor right? haha.. =)

Syafiq said...

This kind of things sometimes just irritates huh. Ahaks..

YobSumO said...

I think u should update your editor cause there's new editor with latest features. First navigate to your blog's Settings, then choose basic, scroll down u'll see global settings.

thanks for linking me back. Actly i like the fact that u used simple English writing ur blog. it's really help me to improve my english too. that's the main reason i followed you!

be proud of that. haha!

Arief Arf said...

yay, im not alone!hehe

oh really? omg im so outdated.

yeah, it is irritating.


oh, i never knew there's such a thing (how noob).
thanx a lot.

n thanx a lot for ur compliments.
i really appreciate it, seriously.

syazryn sabry said...

gelabah ayam!

leafareesya said...

aku bace part first je aku dah tau ape silap ko. then smpi mase ko dedah. i was like

'dah agak dah!'


nadirah_nor said...

gie hantuk kple kt dinding..;p

Arief Arf said...

yelah makcikkk oii

yela, ko kan akak blogger senior..

okay, dush!

farenova said...

huhuhuhu...i hate html..coz every code looks like Bahasa Jerman..

aisyaazman said...

hahah. baru tau? okeh. i thought i'm the only one. nasib baik u jumpa sendiri. kalau u tanya orang?
mau kene bantai gelak. hihi

chris_lim said...

lol, I did that mistake once too and couldnt write a post for a period of time. Can't help it since i 'buta' in computer stuffs (and still is).

senang, panggil rda said...

Kenapa lah ada badge Arsenal kat sidebar you, Kalau MU dah lama I mengorat tauhu? okay2, takde kena mengena. ;p

Meh meh, I terror html. ;p

Arief Arf said...

yeah, but its easy and fun to learn as well!

tu la nasib baik discover sendiri kan. kalau tak malu beb.

looks like my mistake is a common one.

MU? sorrylah ye.

Wei Ru said...

If the buttons are not there, you can try ctrl +f5...

Arief Arf said...

wei ru,
oh really? thanx for the info.
n btw, the problem is already solved.

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