Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Ahh.. finally i'm back to civilization.
Haven't been able to connect to the Net for the past 2 days.
I felt like i lost a part of me right there. haha

Our lives are so dependent on the Net now that even a few hours without it could pose a lot of problems.
Imagine the world without the internet.
It's even worse than Doomsday, some even said.

So, actually, i wasn't able to go online because of my stupid laptop.
It's performance has been deteriorating very badly lately.
Crashes and 'not responding' are so common that i don't scream and tear my hairs out anymore.

But suddenly, i got a BSOD the other day. And that's Blue Screen of Death for you. Go google it.
And that's the first time that it has ever occurred.

Then later that day, a lot of my Windows services could not be started, including Firewall, and yes, Wireless Internet whatever.
Which means.. i can't connect to the internet.

What a great way to prepare for the exams huh?

So, since i'm so fucking fed up with this shit, i decided to format my laptop.
Most people have upgraded to Windows 7, but i backtracked to Windows XP.
Yeah, i downgraded myself.

Nevermind, the Windows 7 can wait. After exams for sure.
So right now, i'm using shitty Windows XP.

Argh.. I'm so used to my Vista laptop, with all the specific programs and at their specific locations.
Now my laptop feels so light.
So skinny.
Now i have to 'reshape' her again.

Another thing missing right now is the VGA driver. Which makes surfing the net, or even exploring Windows look thrashy.
And downloading the 66MB of driver takes around 10 hours. Yeah. Damn the internet speed. 66MB for 10 hours!!

So, after everything is done, and after installing all the necessary apps and plugins, normal services will resume.
Let's just all wait, shall we?


Mr.Clive said...


Arief Arf said...

at least my laptop is way faster than yours

Lizz said...

hey, im still using windows XP. stop saying it shitty!!!!! muahahahaha

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