Saturday, May 15, 2010

Struck by Lightning

Today is already Saturday. I should have updated a few days ago, around Wednesday,
but i didn't.
I can't, actually.
No no, not because of the laziness factor, nah uh.

My bloody Streamyx modem got struck by lightning.

Ahhh.. that sounds so freakin familiar eh?
It has happened too many times, and yet it happened again.
Lightning DOES strike the same place twice huh, or maybe three four times, perhaps?

But this is no ordinary lightning i tell you.
I was surfing the net on that drizzly afternoon.
The rain was very light, minimal to say the least.

But suddenly, BAMMM!!
A bright, blinding light flashed near my left.

I saw the light/spark/explosion/whatever you call it near my handphone.
It was charging, and this light thingy came from the extension cord.
Damn, i thought i lost my phone right there.
Luckily, everything's alright, my laptop's fine, the TV is fine and only the Streamyx modem got hit.

(oh by the way, if you didn't already know, my house has a very big tendency to 'black-out' during even the slightest of rain, and lightnings love my electrical appliances. Enough said.)

However, my maid told me that the house next door was badly hit.
Apparently, the lightning hit the roof of their house, and their TVs and other electrical stuffs are all smoked.
Oohh.. damn.
*busy body*

See? It's not that i don't want to write anything or lazy to write or hangat hangat taik ayam.
Blame the lightning.

So, whatever it is, the modem's fixed now, and so my return to the blogging world won't be hindered anymore!


hans said...

nasib moderm streamyx aku okay

I n n z said...

kite pernah kene.
mmg tak boleh pakai trs.
kene tuka baru.

enyheartsdiamond said...

alasan diterima..tehee :p

YobSumo said...

kenapa kau tak potong lagi?

ish ish ish.

itulah padahnye.

|arieza| said...

eleh. still.. i guess all those basics are surrouding the word of MALAS kan? hehehe modem prob konon! cehhh... :p

anyhow, lets see how often will u update then :p

cik eykameow :) said...

next time cacut plug.i dah byk kali kena bnde mcm ni dulu :)

sya mansor said...

what a tragedy.
but the way you recreate the scene-> LOL

misz benida said...

cmptr kt umh aku penah kna smabr petir..berasap ko..haha..tu la..dh tau petir,sila ttp komp and sme brngan eletronik sbgai lngkh bjga2..haha..(eh,rse cm bdk letrik lak)

nn said...

yay! so boleh update selalu selalu ok. by the way, modem kat rumah ni pun pernah je kena petir. memang bingit.

chris_lim said...

Wow literally 'struck by lightning' huh? That is a scary experience. Maybe it's a sign from above haha.

Amar Syafiq said...

you're right
to play football you must be really fit or else..main 5 minit je la..pancit syiall!!!!!!!!!!

h a n i e said...

ye lah..blame the lightning... :P

len kali time gitu..reti2 la off mn yg patut ye..

nurul syazana said...

cuti, malas, streamyx
haha. cukup.
pasni takleh ada alasan dah.

MissA said...

takpe..nasib baik lightning effect electrial appliances je..
just be careful k

Abdul Mupit Regalia said...

but lightning is some electric with a high voltage, maybe that's very important for electric reserve but it's still dangerous

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