Friday, May 21, 2010

Where to Sell Used Clothes?

Since its the holidays, it would be a normal thing to do some spring cleaning. (ehem)
Well, nothing gets cleaned really.

It's more towards rearranging.
Yeah, the rubbish is still there, its only at a different position. haha

And i also found a lot of clothes that i don't use anymore.
And i really mean A LOT.
(but not enough to open a bundle shop lah!)

So, i feel like getting rid of these clothes.
Most of them are still okay, in very good condition.
Some are even branded.

It's just that i don't wear them anymore.
Out of season? Well, not really.. but it's just doesn't suit me anymore.

So, do you have any idea where should the clothes go to?
Donating them to charity would be a very kind thing to do,
but getting money out of it seems to be a better and healthier option.

Or maybe i should sell the branded ones, and donate the others.
Now that would achieve an equilibrium of pahala AND cash!

Setting up an online blog would be a hassle for me, as i don't really have the time, plus, there's
not THAT much of it anyway.

Is there any place that buys used/pre-loved clothes here around KL?
Do you guys have any idea?


Anonymous said...

just make a new acc at fb to sell those clothes. more or less like vintage.. u should try..

h a n i e said...

haa..btul lah tu..
try lah..
on9 bisnes..


hans said...

okay juga kalau nak jual
nak derma pun ok juga

Rowena Chasez said...

owhh..baju sume xmuat ek??
anda semakin gemok??

Fatin Aliyya said...

wah, bnyk btl used clothes ko..try2 la google mst ader kot mn2 tue.=D.

gud luck

Izyan Darling said...

you?? spring cleaning?? got people want to buy your stinky clothes meh? LOL. donat je la. dapat pahala. or why bother to set up another blog. just dump everything in this blog lah.

nand nasyari said...

buat blogshop...sng cite... ;D
tau x..? ;))

syazryn sabry said...

try la jual dekat or
and and if kau guna idea ak ni, nak 10% dri keuntungan!hihi

hans said...

apa kata baju yg elok2 n branded yg ko tak nak tu ko bagi dkt aku sempena besday aku yg akan datang nih
ada juga faedah

ellenyna said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
chris_lim said...

"Donating them to charity would be a very kind thing to do,
but getting money out of it seems to be a better and healthier option"

I like this concept! muahaha.

enyheartsdiamond said...

either one pon ok :)

YobSumo said...

ha eleh, lama gak mamat ni tak update, ingat aku je.

~Sis said...

Pergi hantar kat rumah anak yatim ke, orang miskin ke, kan bagus. And yeah, you spring cleaning? WTD? :P

Kniedaz said...

donating is the easiest solution but to whom?
anak yatim skang pun ada banyak baju..believe me sebab akak pernah wat program kat umah anak yatim..
Thanks for visiting my blog ^_^

anisizatyA.J said...

just try promoting the clothes in your blog. lots of ppl read what...trylah. some ppl might be interested to buy them

lyla said...

hahaha.. ade ke org nk pkai ur clothes??? ;p;p;p

arif is getting fat!!

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