Friday, August 13, 2010

Fipper the Slipper

Have you heard about the brand name Fipper?
Fipper is a brand for a slipper, or flip - flop, or selipar or anything that you might call it.
And it's kind of a cute and catchy name too.

No, i'm not here to promote Fipper or any selipar for that matter.

It's a rubber slipper, not a slip-on-rubber, if you know what i mean

This is a true story about Fipper the slipper.

I have a Fipper slipper. The girlfy bought it for me, last year or the year before that i guess.
It's cheap, less than RM15, it's comfortable, it's durable, and most importantly, it's sturdy.
By sturdy, it means that it's non-slippable, or you won't slip.
Err.. i'm still talking about a slipper.. ok?

The girlfy bought me a green Fipper and it has served me well until two months ago.
Nope, no malfunctions or defects.
It's just stolen.
And at a kenduri arwah at that (Google translator says its a 'late feast'. Or maybe a 'death feast' will make you understand better. But the word 'feast' seems just SO wrong).

Rest in peace, the green one. Missed but not forgotten.

So, i was left alone, slipper-less, Fipper-less, barefooted, and sad.
Don't get me started on how the girlfy reacts to that.
Although it might be cheap, the sentimental value is very high. hohoho

So, a few weeks after that (which was about 2 weeks ago), my sister got me a shiny brand new all-black Fipper.
Yay to the unbridled joy.
It's still cheap, and it's still sturdy.

Fast forward to two days ago, the 1st day of the holy month of Ramadhan.
Guess what?
Come on, you know it's coming.

Black, new, shiny, and....

It's stolen again.

I was at my bachelor pad, and all of the inhabitants(!) of the house are inside, including myself.
Naturally, at a bachelor pad, there would be many slippers lying all around the front door of the house.
But only my poor ol' Fipper is missing a.k.a stolen.

Damn, right?
Who the fuck steals a cheap bloody slipper during the broad daylight on the the first day of Ramadhan?
And who the fuck steals only one slipper while there are at least 6 pairs right there, with multiple brands (which includes another Fipper, and also a Quiksilver) all there for the taking?

Fipper oh Fipper, you're so super, you're so uber, i just want to pilfer.

I guess thieves nowadays know about quality rather than brands huh?

So, now i'm back to square one.
Lonely, slipper-less, Fipper-less, barefooted and sad.
And the sister suggests me buying selipar jepun Tat Sing.
You know, the crappy looking ones that people use to go to toilets and all.
And that is why they call it selipar jamban.

And funnily enough, i found the Fipper page on Facebook.
I quickly LIKED it, and guess what i posted on it's wall.

Click to enlarge
(and i bet there's like a million 'likes' already now, LOL)

So, now who wants to buy me a new Fipper?


Ayeen said...

wow, kau masih malang rupa nya. u get my sympathy my dear friend :)

cha said...

hehe my tunang pun suka fipper ni sebab harga murah tp selesa dan lembut je.

cha said...

oh and kesian u asyik kene curik je haha.lepas ni bawak satu plastik kt mane2 even rumah sendiri then simpan dlm plastik tu letak in your bag hehe

I n n z said...

mybe kene beli sendri.
baru tak hilang .

kk said...

bagi duit.nanti kila belikan.ekekee

el said...

padan muka kena curik hahahahahaha

hans said...

actually this story is so sad but u make me laugh when I start read in 3rd para....hohoho
try to wear terompah...
safety sikit

P/S : Itulah Bro! Kalau Nak Drift Tu Tutuplah Cermin Tingkap Kereta Tu Dulu! Kan Ker Ekau Dah Malu! Kahkahkahkahkah!

syahira ariff said...

so pity!
pasni pasang mangga kat selipar yer.

|arieza| said...

dear buy me a fipper!!! hik~

natra md.nor said...

Tulah laen kali pakai selipar tinggi Wedges mcm aku. Xde sape nak curik! Wakaka..

iyllienaz said...

haha..menguji kesabaran di bulan Ramadhan..tabah lah ye..

b.r.u.t.a.l.s.o.l.o said...

kasut yang cantik

Hananeechan said...

Hananeechan likes this!

beli sendiri aa weyh

ayaa alyy said...

so sorry for you. u have to buy new one again lh cmtuh. btw, my lil bro pon use this type of slipper ;) said...

I didn't know anything about Flipper till your post. Now I'm going out to look 4 a pair or maybe....curi yours? BTW, where do you stay? ahaahaaa.....enjoy your new pair.:o)

hans said...

nanti aku nak try cari lah
nak test sedap ker tak pakai

P/S : Header Baru H.P.B Blog

Arief Arf said...

ye saya masih malang terima kasih.

oh, murah kan? ha beli la satu lagi. hahah
plastik bag pun kena curi nanti.

hmm. taknak beli sendiri!

nah amek ni singgit.

cett siot ko

terompah nanti bunyik bising sangat arr

Arief Arf said...

nanti dengan mangga2 kena curi

ehh ehh dah la kena curik pastu bleh plak suruh orang belikan hahahah

nanti orang kate aku pondan pulak

tu la, memang sabar gile pun hohoho

takde like. takleh like.

ayaa alyy,
maybe u can buy for me as well hahaha

yeah, buy fipper. where do i stay?
u mean my house or the bachelor pad?

nak test kena beli utk aku satu gak

Wanie-san said...

try la beli termpah yg color merah..sure xkan hilang lagi..
tak pun..u beli rantai besi..ikat kat selipar tu...:p

tiafazunia said...

i bought for my bf to0!
the brown one!
but i bought 2 pairs.
and want it to0.
and we make it as couple fipper! :)

YobSumo said...

u makes fipper sounds so great. gonna find one! hehe.

Anonymous said...

will get my hands on it. will.!

enyheartsdiamond said...

tehee! so cute lah u! ;)

Arief Arf said...

terompah merah? ohhh noooo!

oh how nice!

find one for me as well!

ahaha thanks! said...

Both place leh. Oh I is fipper eh? I tot flipper? ahaahaa
Selamat Berpuasa.:o)

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