Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It's Easy Being A...

It's easy being a girl/woman/female, isn't it?
Basically, any, and i mean any, or every man in this world is controlled by women.
Just as the saying says,
"A man has his will, but a woman has her way."

 This..... is true. I guess.

I've been doing some blogwalking lately, and i see that most "successful" bloggers are females.
And most of the commenters/visitors are males.

And most of these "successful" bloggers are indeed, beautiful. Yes i admit it.

So, people come to their blogs just to look at their pretty faces.
And yes, every bloody post MUST include at least a bloody photo of themselves acting comel-comel,
even though the picture has no fucking reason to be there in the first place.

But the thing is, sometimes (not everytime, and certainly not everyone of them),
these "hot chicks" write rubbish.
Rubbish story, rubbish posts, and even rubbish English.

Hell, some of them are even ugly! Ugly like shit i tell you.
But still, they get a lot of visitors.


Easy, huh?

I have no problems with all that at all.
No hard feelings, no 'butthurt' or anything.

No, really. I don't even care.
It's just that i find it kinda amusing when a girl posts her pics and get millions of visitors, while a guy posts his pics and gets gay/fag/stupid/rubbish remarks.

Hmm.. maybe one day i'll start posting my pic in each post and let's see the 'reaction'.


nor said...

adakah sebb aku x da visitor sgt
sebab aku x cantik
x letak gmbar acting comel-comel

ada gua kesah??
*tetiba emo

aku suka entry nih

Emilia Emira said...

haha kalau lelaki ltak pic kene chop gay ek..sadis betull..kuang3

Nurulbadiah Lai said... gay!!

i do admit that..most of successful blogger are females..but then..sometimes they have lots of interesting stories too..dats y they have so many visitors..
yup at the certain is true that people like to 'usharing' the blog which is owner die cun2..for me la..
but still..
story of the blog must be interesting too la..
i mean at least..nak bertahan lame dlm dunia blog..mmg xboleh post2 the rubbish entry la..

oh today my bf bla bla..

damn sad today bla..bla..

people will get boring with that..inst it?

even the owner xcun or xhensem or so gay like u(kidding hahaha)..i still visit their blog as long as i love their entries..

ur blog not bad..nice i can say with your so cool words and with so called perfect least i can learn something la from here..

so..pendek kate teruskan berblog!hehehe

chris federick said...

Memang I LOVE those kinds of fucking blogs with fucking INTERESTING posts with fucking CUTE girls.


natra md.nor said...

Please don't!
(posting your every post, that is.. =p)

But that is true.

"Beauty Gets The Attention, Personality Gets The Heart!" So, this is the Internet.. I guess people won't opt for the HEART that much, no??

misz benida said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
misz benida said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
misz benida said...

setuju gak tapi nk wk cmne,dieorg2 mmg cntik..tiptop..aku penah ah jumpe one blog ni,awek cunn.bru buat blog dlm smngu polower2 dh cecah 100..sp wak cntest sape folower ke 100,die blnje mkn..peh peh peh.

asmaroro said...

ahaha love the comparison that you made about when guys post pics of should try sometimes! LOL

Encik Psychopath said...

easy because they have boobs.

Rebelle Me said...

no no no!!
i'm totally not like that..
since i'm not that pretty or maybe sexxxyyyyyyy~
i also hv less visitors..
but nvrmind..
i blog for self satisfaction..

u wanna put your photo?
go go go!

Cherrie Pie Sweety said...

ha ha .. well said..
but seriusly, seronok la tgk org comel2 :)
inspiring he he he

shima said...

muahaha.bikin rambut kasi sodok tepi ar broo.pastuh show off your pic in every little your post.baru hooottttt.LOL

leafareesya said...

hahaha. sempat buat kajian ye kamu :p

bidadarihijau said...

hahaha..normal kot people suka yang CANTIKCANTIK~~~

Judiene said...

Yeah, I think you are right after all.
Ok, let see, if a fat, ugly guy writing a damn brilliant entry, will he receive attention as much as a piece of trash written by a beautiful, model-look girl?
You know the answer..


Amirrah Zawani said...

mybe its true..:)
ok2.. i wanna see ur pic in every post :)

el said...

betul2 tu yg comel2 visitor n folower ribu riban lantak le n3 ntah hape2..komen n folower giler byk..

x fhm x fhm

tp mmg dah depa ni suka tgk yg cantek2..nak wat cam mn

tp so far blog den caner hapening kan kahhhhhhhhhhhhh

1st pic tu notty lah miahahaha

momochan said...

bg momochan kalau owner blog tak cantik xpe asalkan ayat dia cantik~

uhhuuu masih berusaha tingkatkan gaya penulisan.hehe

love ur english!simple je..

Wawa~* said...

HAHAHAHA tell me bout it!

but dr yg i tgk, blog yg suka ltak gmbar wat aksi2 cumel bagai msti jd tumpuan pn

kadang2 pelik gak.. gila popular blog
tp baca content... apakah? haha

but oh well.. suka hati dia dan viewers dia lah kan.. like u said, tade masalah.. hehehe..

Fina Sophie said...

ahaha tak terfikir pula mcm tu. but yeah agak betul juga la kot.. tp depends pada entri juga. if hensem (hehehe) tapi entri bukan main berlagak ingat dia betul (pernah jumpa) maaf kehenseman tu tak membantu lgsung. kinda annoying. so leh ckp, rupa dan personaliti tu should balance each other. iffff tahap kecantikan rupa seseorang blogger tu diukur dengan jumlah komen dlm entri, aku memang awal2 out XD

Wanie-san said...

kalau blogger chantek ramai orang follow. sebenarnye betul jgk. tpi xla sepenuhnya...kdg2 org suka baca entry dia yg gila2 separuh mati, lawak pastu ada daya tarikan buat kita melekat je baca blog dia...tu beta lain xtahu...^^

BENA said...

setiap orang ade masing2 citerase . so citerase ko cam mane . cam gitu la kan . aku tgk komentor ko pon semua GIRL wehhhh . kebanyakkan laa bkn semua . eh ye ke? HAHAHAHA =)

Lina Rahim said...

i saw most of the beautiful popular female bloggers like to pout their lips in their photos. what is the message of the lips-pouting actually?

Anonymous said...

kdg2 sebab cnteq n hensem..
blog terus laku!

hans said...

aku memang kacak...
macam mana?
bukan salah aku dilahirkan kacak dan hensem

P/S : Antara Jenis - Jenis Katak Yang Paling Unik Di Dunia

nand nasyari said...

ehee..chill beb... ;D

still waiting for your photo..haha!
where is it? :P

annfrendly said...

ketawa sakan bace entri nih...

hey.. ur blog sangat menarik & unik tau..
rasenye 1st time jumpe lelaki melayu yang muda belia yang berblog dalam bahasa inggeris.

nanti2 mesti bertambah2 pengunjung punye...

Sophie Al-yahya said...

then I would be the first one to comment on your entry. hahaha..

I often attracted to bloggers who really have something to talk to, to share their opinions or real jokes or what so ever that is informative.

And I think your blog is interesting. Don't feel bored reading it.hahah!!!

ayaa alyy said...

oh baru paham kenapa lately komen tk bayk. mayb sbb tak cantik mcm awek kt dlm entry nieee. haha :P

Db Cooper said...

beb, ada juga blogger lelaki yg superb bro, yg ada profilik sendiri

@DdY said...

Selain daripada gambar2 bajet best, kadang2 content blog ala-ala kontroversi stok URTV, Mangga pun laku.

orang malaysia (particularly melayu) kan suke bab2 mengumpat, kutuk2 orang ni..tak gitu? hiihhihi!

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