Monday, November 8, 2010

Mee Kari at Yu Ai Seafood, Segambut

Last week, i went to Yu Ai or Yuai Seafood restaurant.
It is somewhere in Segambut, and it's a Chinese restaurant.
I've never been there before, and i heard that the Mee Kari is great.


So, i went there.

It's basically a Chinese restaurant/stall.
There's a restaurant but you can also eat outside under a tree (typical roadside stall setting).

You be the judge

My first impression of the place?
Well, it's kinda dirty and it is very 'Chinese'(...). I went there during lunchtime and i don't see any Malays there.
Since it's 'seafood', what the heck.
Bismillah je la.

So i asked the auntie, what is available.
There's only 3 types of food,
Mee Kari, Mee Sup and Mee Tomyam.

Next, you choose what type of mee that you want.
Mee, Meehoon, Kuey Tiow or campur.

And it costs RM15 for a small bowl,
and RM17 for a large bowl.
A bit of a WTF moment, but hey, for the sake of trying, right?

 RM15 worth of goodness

But all my thoughts are gone when my huge bowl of Mee + Meehoon Curry came.
Damn, it's big.
It's huge.

And the portion of the seafood is also very healthy.
Every bloody seafood is dumped inside, filled to the brim.
Heck, i couldn't even see my mee!
I have to dig inside to get my mee.

Yu Ai. You I. You and I. Get it? Nevermind.

The taste is undoubtedly superb. The hot-ness level is just right.
And eating under the hot hot sun makes it even better.
Oh yeah.

 Where is my mee?

All in all, the price is kinda justified, albeit steep.
I don't mind, once in a while.
But hey, what do you expect. There's practically everything inside.
Squids, lala, fish, huge prawns, fishcakes, fishballs, everything.

 Aftermath a.k.a licin

Cleanliness-wise, err.. i think it could be better. Much much better.
And halal-ness-wise, err.. Insya Allah.
(at least it's pork-free)

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If you're up for it, you surely need to give it a try. Heard that it's been there for quite some time, and it's very famous too.
If you like trying new stuffs, and don't mind the external factors (ahem), then by all means try it.



Qairawani said...

halal ke bhai???

|arieza| said...

babe. have u used to go to SS2 murni? superb place to mkn~ :)

lassiegewdix said...

menarik :)
ramai tak melayu makan kat situ ?
heeee ~

Zura said...

pekatnye kuah dia..

natra md.nor said...

x nmpak tande "Halal" pun.

But looks tempting, though.. =p

Hananeechan said...

haha..semua ko bedal kan?
tapi mmg nampak cambest. penuh seafood dia..perghh

YobSumo said...

hang yakin ka pork free?

misz benida said...

sedap giler weiiiiiiiii...
aku dh la ngah kelaparan nih..aduuuii...
nx time,awak blnja kite.


Emilia Emira said...

bnyk gler seafood dye..huihh neh terliur nehh...erkkss

Lina Rahim said...

patutlah expensive. everything semua ada

Amirrah Zawani said...

mahal juga RM 15..
kalo sy kompem makan x habis.. :)

Fina Sophie said...

*telan liur* shit.

sya mansor said...

yes, i understand the 'yu ai-you i-you and i' part lol

Nurulbadiah Lai said...

one of my fav..nyumm..nyum..buat i rase terus nk balik umah and ask my papa masak ni..

el said...

woi halal ke mee tu..hang npk melayu rmi hang pun mkn..ish2...sat lg dia letak air setan cam mn..kahhkahhh pas2 hang ok x pas mkn miahahahaha

chris federick said...

awesome la, its understandably rare to see malays eating in chinese hawker. However, overseas is more common. As long as seafood and no pork, then my muslims friends dun need to question alot. Asalkan yakin rite? :D

p/s to el: ya air setan... that's what we chinese eat... yum...

shima said...

ade lg kedai cina yg sedap weyh.kat area bb.:)

Lia3003 said...

awaaaak, beraninya awak makan kat situ..huhu,

Sophie Al-yahya said...

arghh..lapar lak tgk entry nih.cis!

BENA said...

bile ko nak belanje aku arif? HAHAHAHA. =)

ayaa alyy said...

my mum mee curry lg sedap tawu :P hehe.

Wanie-san said...

hati2 beb...wpun ramai melayu makan. xde pork, tapi kuah tu tkt ada arak.
arak kan menyedap makanan..huhu

Wawa~* said...

i hate you! u make me all hungry at this hour!! (1 am) looks delicious... nyam... but i doubt i can have that ar rhe moment, or i akan jd beruk sekali lagi sbb alergi, lol

~Sis~ said...

Yummeh!!! :P Wanna go again?

asmaroro said...

so brave of you try it!

rizuani said...

memang best mee kari tu...makan sure tak habis...

Anonymous said...

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