Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day HARAM and All That Shit

Today is the 14th of February, which is the Valentine's Day.
Valentine's Day seems to be the hot topic these days, with more than a few parties stating that it is haram and what not.

Now, this is an endless debate. Some say it's okay, some say it's haram while some just don't give a fuck.
Well, call me cetek pengetahuan agama, or a pagan/atheist/freethinker whatever, but personally, i think it's not haram and it's just like any other celebration.

It's just like any other day

People say it's haram because of the history of the day, and remembering the saint/priest and shit. But really, who gives a shit about that priest?
People celebrate the day with their loved ones, and they go out for dinner, give roses (among other things), and not pray to the priest or give offerings to him or something.
SomeMost people don't even know the history at all.

Apparently, nobody really knows or gives a fuck about this dude

People would always say, 'Oh, i don't celebrate Valentine' because it's against our culture'.
What the fuck?
If you don't want to celebrate it, that's up to you, but what is against our culture? Why oppose other people celebrating it?
Is going to dinner against our culture?
Just because we go for a dinner on a Valentine's Day makes it haram, is it?
This, leads to something haram

Of course, you can show your love on any other day of the year, but is it wrong to show it on this day as well?
Does this mean that to be a true Muslim, we must NOT show our love and NOT give gifts at all for this whole day?
Does this mean it is not haram when we go out on any other day except Valentine's?

I don't see anything haram in this

What is haram is the haram activities. If you have sex or give up your virginity to celebrate with your partner, THAT is haram .
If you have beer or wine or some alcohol, that is haram .
But heck, it is haram on any other day too, right? You don't need a fucking reason or a special day to do haram stuffs.
And just because Valentine's Day is associated with love and sex, it does not mean everybody is gonna do it.
Get what i'm saying here?

This is definitely haram

I know a lot of you might disagree, but hey, this shit is overhyped.
They say, 'any day can be a celebration of love, why just show it today?'
Who the fuck shows it just today? Everybody loves each other and even make love every fucking day but today is just that extra special day, just like your birthday.
Everyday is your fucking birthday if you really appreciate your life.

So, since tomorrow is Maulidur Rasul, why only show your love to the Prophet just on that day, why not everyday?
Why do we celebrate Father's Day, Mother's Day? Does that mean we only love our prophet/father/mother only on that day?
Big fucking NO, right?

So basically Valentine's Day is just a special day for this, just to make it more interesting. Just like those other commemorative days. You can celebrate anything you want anytime you want, it's just that this day is 'the official' day. No big deal.

Is this haram? I don't think so

Heck, even father's and mother's day originates from the West, so why do you follow that? To say that Valentine's Day is not for our culture is utter bullshit. As long as you don't do anything haram, nothing is haram, no matter what.
Just because you go out for a dinner and buy a bouquet of roses for your partner on a Valentine's Day is haram, is it? If it is, what about on normal days? HALAL?

You gotta be kidding me if this is haram too?

And, what about the festive seasons? Muslims don't celebrate Christmas, Muslims don't celebrate Gong Xi Fa Cai and Deepavali. But they still wish each other and go to open houses and all, right?
Is that haram as well?
No, right?
What about the spirit of 1Malaysia?

If you say that giving gifts and all on a Valentine's Day is haram because we are indirectly worshipping the saint, so does this mean going to openhouses on a Deepavali means we are worshipping the Hindu gods too?
Hell NO right?

Please be fucking consistent on your fucking judgement and don't use the priest shit to back up your stupid argument.
Again, Valentine's Day is haram for Muslims IF / WHEN you do haram activities or if you pray to the priest or you make a sacrifice for him or some shit.
Haram thing is haram no matter what no matter when.
Wishing others a Happy Valentine's Day is fine.

I admit, i'm no Ustaz to make a fatwa nor am i a religious dude with a vast religious knowledge, heck, there's a lot that i don't know, but what i do know is how to use my fucking common sense.

This.. is not necessary

These 3rd-world mentality needs to fucking change people.
Don't just go about saying this is bad, that is haram while you don't even know shit.
It is haram in some way, but not the way that most people think it is.

Oh by the way, i'm not 'celebrating' Valentine's Day anyway.
No, not because that i'm afraid of a fucking JAIS raid (not that i have anything to be afraid of anyway). Not because i think it's haram.
It's just that the Girlfy is not around. *sobs*

To those that are caught in tangkap khalwat, they deserved it. Padan muka, bodoh. Dah tau sekarang banyak rush lagi nak pergi hotel. Memalukan bangsa and agama. 

Anyway, Happy Valentine's Day (if you wish to be wished), and a good day to you.
Everybody has their own opinion, and so do I. If you have anything to say regarding this, or if you think that there is a mistake somewhere, please, by all means, drop a comment below.


Zura said...

byk org byklah pendapatnye...perbuatan yang menunjukkan sesuatu itu haram or halal...


agree with ZURA..
perbuatan/tingkahlaku/pertuturan yang tak sepatutnya itu HARAM. jangan salahkan sambutan kerana ia sekadar nama dan dipetik dari peristiwa. Since we r great and somebody, kita pun boleh mencipta sesuatu celebration based on our peristiwa itu. got it?
btw, love the way u describe it.

MERAH said...


Valentine day is the celebration of KUFFAR (Christian, pagan, etc) and it is not a celebration in ISLAM.

"It is reported that the Prophet Muhammad SAW said: "Whoever imitates a people, then he is one of them.” (Related by Ahmad and Abu Dawood)"

Do u wanna be one of them ?

If u say only by doing MAKSIAT is HARAM, then here i should say that celebrating Valentine day is also HARAM because it is an act approaching ZINA.

"And do not approach unlawful sexual intercourse. Indeed, it is ever an immorality and is evil as a way"(al-ISRA',32)

Allah already say in this sentence that any acts that approacing ZINA is HARAM, not only ZINA is HARAM (sebab tu couple pun HARAM. ohh perbuatan MAKSIAT amat berleluasa dikalangan COUPLE - Dont deny this fact, if not why so many wedlock child cases nowadays)


So did this means that married people can celebrate Valentine? NO! Still HARAM because it is CHRISTIAN CELEBRATION!!! NOT ISLAM CELEBRATION. Do not ever imitate what kuffar do. it is HARAM! ( oh already say this i think.hmm)

Prophet Muhammad SAW warned us against it. At-Tirmidhi narrated that Ibn Abbas RA reported that the Prophet Muhammad SAW said: "He is not one of us who imitates other than us. Do not imitate the Jews or the Christians."

Of course it is not wrong if u want to have dinner (IF POSSIBLE MORE THAN 2 PEOPLE) but why u want to give present for ur special ones? what is ur intention? for valentine? so thats why it is HARAM. its mean that u are celebrating VALENTINE.

By the way, it is not only on Maulidur Rasul we remember our prophet , but on that day we perform more IBADAH, ZIKIR and SELAWAT (sebab tu bagi cuti, buat ibadah byk2 hari lain dah sibuk dgn duniawi)

Whatever it is, celebrating the holidays of the kuffar is an act of imitation which is forbidden in Islam.


MERAH said...

ohh one more thing, kita 1 malaysia, tapi bukan 1 agama.

.::: Princess MOMOY :::. said...

betul tu
Haram dan yang beragama Islam jangan nak tunjuk jahil dengan celeb V day nih
Peristiwa itu masih menhantui diriku...
100 kerja kosong kerajaan sepanjang 2011

Coffee Girl said...

Arief, I'm so liking you right now with this entry. Very well said. You took the words right out of my er mind. Thank you so much. :-) You have no idea how shallow some people can be, and think only from one perspective.

*Saya nak link kan awak, boleh? :-)*

teratai said...

Jangan mengambil mudah sesuatu yang telah dijatuhkan hukumnya HARAM oleh pihak Majlis Fatwa Agama Islam, jadi berhati2 apabila mengemukakan pendapat berkaitan dgn isu-isu agama! Bukannya apa, takut terpesong akidah! Nauzubillah...minta dijauhkan.

teratai said...

to cofee girl,

nak sokongpun biarlah kena pada tempatnya!kalau dah terang-terangan salah, jangan ikut bersubahat...sama2 menanggung dosa!

Judiene said...

This one is one big issue.
I'm not really sure whether its Haram or not to celebrate it but I never celebrate it, well, at least for now.
It's because I don't have any girlfriend to celebrate with.
Anyhow, chill man!


MERAH said...

People check this out,

no reasons to deny it because dah ada HUKUM yang jelas lagi NYATA. Jadi tak perlu ragu-ragu lagi.

Sekian, aku hanya mengingatkan sesama saudara ISLAM.

Coffee Girl said...

To Teratai: kita semua ada pendapat. Saya tak sokong sapa2. Jangan lah terasa. Saya pun tak sambut V atas sebab saya sendiri. Semua orang ada kepercayaan. Tak semestinya kerana V Day tu jatuh sehari sebelum Maulidur Rasul, orang akan lupa. Saling toleransi tak salah. Maaf la kalau menyinggung. Apa plak. :-)

teratai said...

salam coffee girl,

Tersinggung~tidak sama sekali! Menjadi tanggungjawab sesama Islam mengingatkan apabila ada pendapat yang diberikan kelihatan seolah-olah mempermainkan akidah yang dipegang oleh kita orang Islam.

Memang bertoleransi sifat baik n patut diamalkan esp di Malaysia yg berbilang kaum yg mempunyai berbagai kepercayaan/agama, tetapi apabila melibatkan hal-hal sensitif seperti keagamaan, memang tidak boleh bertolak ansur! Contohnya, jika kita mengadakan jamuan yg ada penganut beragama budha atau hindu, makanan yg dihidangkan tidak boleh ada daging!...sebab ini akan menyinggung mereka!!

Dlm hal V Day ini , mereka yg beragama kristian...boleh meraikannya...tapi NOT for muslim sbb ini melibatkan isu keagamaan.
Harap Coffee Girl baca link yg diberikan Merah.

Isu Maulidur Rasul tidak timbul di sini, sbb kita menyambutnya setiap tahun, ttpi V. Day jatuh hari apa pun (bukan 14 Feb) memang TIDAK BOLEH di raikan oleh orang Islam!

Semoga penjelasan ini boleh menambahkan pengetahuan Coffee Girl tentang Islam, jangan kerana ibubapa kita beragama Islam, kita turut menjadi Islam, tanpa mendalami agama Islam ini!

Lia3003 said...

everyone has their own opinion and view.. no comment about this.. =)

Coffee Girl said...

Salam Teratai, panjangnya. :-) Like I said, I respect your opinion. Tapi bak kata Arief, terpulang lah kepada individu masing2 untuk menilainya.

Cyril Dason said...

Very good entry, (despite the harsh words). will recommend to my buddies =)

People like you gain my utmost respect for being objective and respectful for other religion, and if they were more like you, Malaysia will be heaven.

God bless you bro.

Amiey Alen said...

Holy God!! I love this post!!!!!!!!!!!!! And so agree with you....

God bless! :)

Anonymous said...

agree with this post..totally agree.
why want to 'haram' VD..just say that the muslim don't celebrate it..easy..but still it depends on that person want to celebrate it or not..

MERAH said...

derrrr,its HARAM for MUSLIM (orang beragama ISLAM yang SEJATI) not for the other religion. Jadi untuk agama lain PERGI LAH NAK SAMBUT PUN.

ayaa alyy said...

i just remind of my dad when u talked about his balik2 je dr smyg jumaat hari tuh, terus ckp, kakak v days haram. khutbah jumaat ckp. and i was like yea abah. tebta jak. terkejut den :P

Amirrah Zawani said...

isu sensitif ni..
i mmg tak sambut.. :)

Wawa~* said...

i'd prefer not to celebrate it tho. jatuh hukum tu x berani la plak. its just,.......*malas nak taip panjang sgala hujah* lol... cheers <3

♥BelLa Ace♥ said...

At least it has a sense of Love not Hate.. kan?

Anonymous said...

Hey very nice blog!! Man .. Beautiful .. Amazing .. I will bookmark your blog and take the feeds also…

Pinky Pixie said...

panjangnye komen2 kat atas tu. huhu. xbrani nk ckp. sbb isu ni agk sensitip gak. huhu.

Encik Psychopath said...

aku tak phm. kenapa time v day masing2 sebok nak buat projek. n hari len tak special ke nak buat. haha.

Lovely Bella said...

ok.. ermm kalo date tu adalah hari V tapi kalo pd hari itu jugak aku rasa nak kuar tgk muvvie.. kuar jenjalan tgk wayang ke bersame kekasih hati.. adakah haram?? ermm...

Fina Sophie said...

biasanya orang yang bising2 pasal sambut valentine tu haram sebab, either dia single, baru clash, divorced, or apa2 yg sewaktu dgnnya.

valentine? i 'valentine' hari2 dgn orang2 tersayang.

and i just don't give a damn.


bidadarihijau said...

susah jugak nk kasi org paham bnde neh...

Arief Arf said...

First of all, thanks for reading this and also for dropping your comments here. Let me tell you again, i'm not here to preach, nor am i instigating a religious war or anything.
It's just my opinion, and i know it's a sensitive issue, but please, be open.

betul, setiap orang ada pendapat masing2.

thanks for understanding my point. it's what we do that matters.

the term 'celebrating' is very subjective. as you said, it is haram since it is an act towards zina. but then again, almost everything can lead to zina right? what if a couple went out for a movie on a valentine's day? is it haram?
and what if the couple went out for a movie on other days? is it haram as well?
u said that giving gifts on a valentine means we are celebrating it, so does giving gifts on a christmas means we are celebrating it as well?
memang kita 1malaysia bukan 1agama, and there is a fine line between culture and religion as well.

Princess MOMOY,
apa yang betul?
celebrate v day = jahil?
please elaborate.

Coffee Girl,
thanks a lot for your comment, and i really appreciate it. looks like we're on the same boat.
and yes, thanks for linking me, and i'll link you back! X)

apa yang salah? salah ke keluar hari valentine? kalau keluar time hari lain boleh?
apa yang subahatnye?

ahhh foreveralone! hahahahaha

Arief Arf said...

thanks for the link, but to me it is very subjective, the term 'celebrating'. i'm not being blasphemous or anything, it's just that it's too vague.

yup, thanks!

Cyril Dason,
sorry for the foul language, and thanks a lot for recommending to your buddies.
and i really2 appreciate your comment, God bless you too bro!

Amiey Alen,
Thanks amiey, god bless you too.

Lia Edwin,
yeah, it's a matter of preferences, right?

ayaa alyy,
betul, benda ni memang meluas, tapi disalahfahamkan.

Amirrah Zawani,
yes, isu sensitif. X)

lol, cheers!

Bella Ace,
well, to look at it from a good perspective, yes. X)

Pinky Pixie,
kalau ade pape nak cakap, cakap je. no hard feelings. X)

Encik Psychopath,
my point exactly. just because hari tu hari official, tak semestinya hari lain pun orang tak buat, kan?

Fina Sophie,
betul, i agree. biasanya orang2 ni la yang paing kecoh.
and yes, do whatever you think is right!

betul, isu sensitif camni either orang akan bangkang betul2 or just malas nak kecoh2.

Tiq said...

Hey Arief,

Thanks for dropping by & also for your kind thoughts.

Riveting blog you have here!

Nurulbadiah Lai said...

as a matter of fact..i think 1st we must look at the intention seseorang..if niat die celebrate valentine sbb nak meraikan the history of the term "Valentine " tu i can consider it as HARAM..

But kalau setakat having dinner with ur partner..or give em the gift ke apa on valentine day..i think is not haram..sometimes people anggap valentine ni hari tuk meraikan kekasih which is kadang2 mereka sendiri xtahu apa itu valentine..they just know kalu hari valentine ni..hari tuk showing their love to their partner like having dinner or bg hadiah..

what is consider as haram ni refer on what u did..what u said..ur intention..of course having sexual intercourse..or berdua dua an ..drinking semua tu haram no matter hari valentine ke apa..but kalau ur intention just nak meraikan ur beloved setakat mkn2 ke..i rase there is nothing wrong with depends on ur nawaitu..

let take as example..we celebrate deepavali..eventhough kita tahu org hindu yg celebrate that adakah dia haram?kalau kita sambut that festival and betul2 ikut cara diorang..then kita siap sembah2 patung lagi..konfum kite sambut deepavali sebab ape?mybe nak meraikan kawan hindu kita..nak show yang kita hormat mereka..yang kita syg mereka..

so i think this concept halal haram quite similar with valentine celebration..

Sophie Al-yahya said...

whoa arief, you surely made an issue here.hehe.

But I totally agree that the V'Day is truly HARAM when people have sex on that day. I mean, memang bodoh lah orang ni dah tahu JAIS tengah standby lagi nak cari hotel.that is so true.

But then again, if V Day is HARAM, then why not stating that coupling and dating is HARAM as well.

Anonymous said...

agree with sophie..

Anonymous said...

I don't celebrate valentine day, okay. But you all bising2 VD haram, what about smoking? I have seen a big billboard stating "Rokok haram di......" u knowlah. Guess what? Who are the smokers!!

Arief Arf said...


nurulbadiah lai,
yeah, basically thats the whole thing.

my point exactly! X)

err.. so what's your point here?
i smoke and i dont care.

Anis Syakira said...

I just happen to stumble on your blog and while I agree on 10% of what you're saying the other 90%, not so much.

You see, it is haraam to go to other religion's celebration.

And I've seen a lot of comments on why it is haraam celebrating Valentine's day, I'd rather not go there too.

And you're a muslim, yes ? I think if people of other religion admire your spirit and perspective, you cuss a lot. It just gives a wrong inpression towards muslim, as amoing other things people who call them muslim nowadays do.

Dunno if it makes you cool or whatnot but your blog will still rock if less cussing were used.

Just an opinion. If you're mad, I get it. I hate getting tegor-ed by a total stranger too.

Arief Arf said...

salam anis syakira,

thanks for your comment.
i really appreciate it, and i respect your views.

regarding the cussing thingy, to me at least, its normal. i dont see anything too seriously wrong about it, heck its the internet anyway.
and im sure that smart ppl wont have the misconception that muslims are rude because i am rude.
a bad apple doesn't always spoil the bunch.

and no, im not mad by your opinion. in fact, i liked it.
thanks X)

Anonymous said...

You know, you make yourself like a real dick-headed Muslim for posting something like this. And since you know you're not one with a vast religious knowledge, dont try to sound like you have a really GOOD point to make. If you didn't have one in the first place, why even bother making yourself look so pathetic?

And fact of the matter is, nobody said that doing any of those things were haram. If you want to show love on that day, or any other day, it's fine, you just don't have to associate yrself with the celebration. That's all. No one is saying that buying gifts or going to dinner is haram. It's the celebration.

And the part you wrote about Mother's Day and Father's Day, don't think they do deserve a whole load of appreciation anyway? Pfffttt.

And wishing people of other religion on their festive season is fine, it's not like you're celebrating it with them. And going to open houses is to tighten up relationships between people - your neighbours, maybe even family members of a different race and religion. No one said you have to celebrate it with them. So no, it's not haram.

And your excessive use of the word 'f*ck' is really disgusting. Expand your vocabulary.

lizamaria said...

stumbled upon this...firstly i really admire you for speaking your views about this, not many do...
secondly, I agree with you!...let me tell you half the Christians don't have a clue who st valentines is...neither does he have much to do with the idea of valentines today's society...
it IS about what you DO that makes it haram or not...

Nurul Ain said...

you all just dont get the fact

if you pro valentine ;s day
so its ur way

if you anti its ur way

cmon la merah
u were arguing over poinless debating issue

it is pointless of debating or arguing u cant change the way they think it is

its like sunni and jamaah
israel and palestin (bty do u know what thet fighting for all this decades?)

Shut the fuck up anti
and let us the pro valentine day in our way ur road is over there
its just same road but the way are different

got that

end pleAse

bunga said...

if your going to talk about this religion issues please mind your language. All this shit this fucked and all of that. Sangat tidak bersesuaian. I get your point and i agree with some of them. But your language, not so much. Wanna debate smart? Write smart.

bunga said...

if your going to talk about this religion issues please mind your language. All this shit this fucked and all of that. Sangat tidak bersesuaian. I get your point and i agree with some of them. But your language, not so much. Wanna debate smart? Write smart.

Anonymous said...

Shit!! jewish is winner...They are overlord our muslim mind... Human right, gay, freethinker..bla..bla...u r gay!!

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