Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Which Tier Are You?

Take a look at this photo.

Now, which tier are you?
I am in the God tier. muahahhahaa
Who says Computer Science sucks huh?

Yeah, i'm god. haha
This thing is just a joke, but rather true nonetheless.
Wait, no. This shit is TRUE.

So, what field are you in? And most importantly, which tier do you belong to?
Butthurt? heheh.


sya mansor said...

shit tier! definitely

Cherrie Pie Sweety said...

haha mid tier.. haha

Coffee Girl said...

Shit tier... dang! haha. but fun all the way!

Wawa~* said...

omg im at the God tier too! *idung kembang jap lol*

ya la.. kalau org ambik sc comp ni org slalu pandang rendah ye! sobs!

LISA said...

shit tier...? why shit?

natra md.nor said...

haha i like! Good job, my fella God tier member for finding this joke to change people's perspective about comp.science especially! =p

nn said...

law - top tier

ok lah tu kan? :P

Tiq said...

Aishhhh shit tier? hahaha..
the name of the tier itself doesn't sound very appealing to me hahaha but nice one..
Lucu ..hihihihi
Now I can go to sleep with a smiley face...hahaha

Lina Rahim said...

I. Mid tier. ceh.

I just read ur post on Valentine. and i agree with ur view. my officemate were kinda overhyped talking about Valentine by saying it is haram haram haraaaam..and i explain to them the real history of Valentine which have no relationship with priest or pagan or etc, and they were bit frowned as i'm currently teaching agama subjects.

Judiene said...

I think I'm belong to Mid Tier.
Nahh, not really.


Encik Psychopath said...


Amar Syafiq said...

hahahaha same oh same oh!

mane ko dpt benda ni wehhh..haha

b.r.u.t.a.l.s.o.l.o said...

salam..wakakakkakaka nice

Nor said...

shit tier
emo sebentar

Mia said...

Ouch man, ouch. Dahlah I ambik psychology.

Oh well, we'll see if the God tier people can handle orang gila, criminals, serial killers, murderers, people with all kinds of problems with their brains. We'll see.

& we'll see if they could actually survive depression without psychologist having to listen to them when no one could.

Confirm ramai yang pergi terjun jambatan. Dahlah Malaysians sekarang bukan good listeners & kuat pegangan agama sangat. Sigh. Oh well, we will see.

SnowladieS said...

Mid one o.O
hahahha it's funny. doesn't matter if you belong anywhere.
Don't judge by what course you in but what you contribute to our country and yourselves ! cewah2 :p

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