Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lady Gaga - Born This Way *mindfucked*

So, the official video clip for the song 'Born This Way' by Lady Gaga is out sometime yesterday i think.
Watch the video and see it for yourself.

I don't know, all i can say is that it's mindfucking. 
The song is nothing great, but the video clip is kinda weird and slightly creepy.
But then again, it's Lady Gaga right? hahaha

And i'm sure that in the next few days, a lot of conspiracy theories, Illuminati stuffs, Satan worship shits and all will be pointed out.
Just wait for the analysis from those people and get ready your popcorns.

And here's a random quote regarding the video

From one view of the video, I'm seeing rainbows, pyramids, single eyes, sacred geometry, sigil runes, butterflies. At 1min 46secs, you see a man with tattoos wearing a harness. Can anybody make out the partially hidden symbol in the centre of his chest? Dancers have horns. OoOoOo... she does the 666 hand symbol at 6mins 29secs. I can't make out what is written on the side of the bin in the alley at the end. Keep in mind that this is a studio, so that won't be something random. The Unicorn is a commonly used occult symbol for Antichrist. Most people don't know that. (Daniel 7:8 KJV) In other words, taken in conjunction with the Apocalypse, Daniel clearly portrays the antichrist as a unicorn having human eyes. But my absolute favorite moment in the 'Born This Way' video is if you pause it at just 33 seconds into it. Do you recognize that symbol? Of course, I'm not religious and I can tell you that occult meaning for things differ from religious meanings. But nevertheless, Lady Gaga had demonstrated a deep understanding of the occult in nearly every music video she has put out. You don't just pick that knowledge up. Occult means hidden. You have to know where to look. Somebody is teaching her these things.

ahh.. theories, assumptions, claims, fact?
I don't know, i'm not an expert in all this shit.
You be the judge, i'll just have my popcorn and enjoy all the shit.

Watch the video, it's 7 mins long.


Coffee Girl said...

Never did like Lady Gaga. But then people called her revolutionary, futuristic, phenomenal, all the other art-crapping bull, that it piqued my curiosity. Anyway, I have nothing against her. I only like listening to Alejandro because the song was catchy, BUT the video was still freaky. Hey, arent all her videos freaky one way or another? LOL. Watch between the shots, that kinda video is what the world called artistic but what some religion deemed as occultic.

natra md.nor said...

Honestly, after her last music video alejandro, I am officially terrified of her. That video was too disturbing to the point that I can't even listen to the song anymore.

I don't have the courage to watch this 7 minutes long new video yet, though. I probably can't take it that well anyway. Thanked God the song is just so-so. =)

Tiq said...

Hmm not a fan but she's in her own league.

I think I prefer this girl's cover lah hehe http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xG0wi1m-89o

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