Thursday, March 3, 2011

Selena Gomez PUNCHED by a Justin Bieber Fan

With the news of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez dating lately, it has sparked a lot of comments, criticisms and what not.
I'm not a fan of both, hell no, it's just that i find it amusing.

Kids nowadays

Pictures of them dating, kissing and all have been circulating around.
So, typical Bieberfags or Beliebers, are very protective of their young princessprince.

Sad Girls

What better way to show your love for your idol than punching the face of the girl dating your hero?
The pic shows that Selena Gomez is trying to cover up her fat lip.

Why are the girls crying?

But some websites reported that it was just a rumour. She wasn't punched.
But why is she covering up her mouth then?
Maybe Bieber is a bad kisser. I don't know.

Selena is not proud of her girlfriend's actions

Whatever it is, Bieber is mad yoo. LOL

To the fan who punched Selena Gomez, you are stupid as hell.

Because you punched the wrong girl.


nn said...

hahahhahaha. Even with the new haircut, bieber still looks like a girl.

Coffee Girl said...

"Because you punched the wrong girl."

Ahahahah!! Hilarious! HAhahaha! OMG Arf... my thoughts exactly! Wait, I like Selena. It's Bieber I can't stand.

Wawa~* said...

lololol gile kejam ye blog anda ini XD

Ery Farieha said...

pe dia ni?
lawak je baca


Sophie Al-yahya said...

i think it's true he's a bad kisser. wahaha..(-_-')

Ok, i'm not a fan of both. So thanks for your info and pictures.

*JB potong rambut? hurmmm... honestly mengurangkan macho*

Judiene said...

Hey, I'm a big fan of Justin Bieber!
Yeah, lot of his fan has gone wild and they are uncontrollable.
By the way, where did you get all this pics??

Tiq said...

Ouch !! That must hurt a lot !! Adehhh



Lina Rahim said...

eh i thought JB dah going bald dan rambut dia dibid at Ebay...maybe rumours juga

Encik Psychopath said...

ramai yg hurt. but who cares.

Amirrah Zawani said...

dua2 tak minat =p

SnowladieS said...

comelnye selena!!haha

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