Monday, March 28, 2011

March Madness

Hey there peeps!
Sorry for the long delay, i'm lazy like hell I have been busy lately.
Nah, i won't bore you with that.

My last post was in early March, and a lot have happened during that period.
The earthquake, the tsunami and all? Yeah, that happened on the 11th of March.
And it was also my birthday, that day.

Yeah! My birthday was so awesome that God threw in earthquakes and tsunamis for the partayyy!
Cool, no?
ha ha ha
Okay, flame me if you want, but it's still not too late to wish me a happy belated birthday.

Posts will resume like normal starting tomorrow, or maybe even later tonight, depends on your luck.


nn said...

happy belated birthdayyy! :DDDDDDD

ayaa alyy said...

happy belated birthdayyy :)

Zura said...

heppy b'day..:D

syazryn sabry said...

malang kau dah merebak ke satu dunia! bawak2 la berubat bhaiiii

Sham (Modern Pastime) said...


Lina Rahim said...

happy belated birthday Arif..semoga panjang umur dan dimurahkan rezki, dan hidup gembira sentiasa

Coffee Girl said...

Well let's just say... Your birthday MOVED THE EARTH! :-) at least some silver lining in there, yes? Happy Birthday Arf!

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