Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I'm an Uncle

Yeah, i'm old.
I am an uncle now. And i mean uncle as in biological uncle, the family relation uncle. Pak cik.
Meet Uncle Arief.
Not unker. Not pakcik-pakcik.
That's a different thing okay?

Awwww.. comel tak comel tak comel tak?

My sister just gave birth to a baby boy a few days ago!
Yay, i'm so happy and glad for her.
Congratulations to my sister and her hubby!
Now there's a new addition to the family.

This baby boy's name is Raees Andika B. Mohd Hefni.
Born on the 22nd of April 2011, he's the first grandchild of my parents and also the first grandchild of my brother-in-law's parents, which also means that he's my first nephew.
Err.. makes sense?

Fresh from the womb

According to the father, Raees Andika means a rich and a manly warrior. hohoho
And since he's born in Bath, UK, his nickname might probably be.. Andy?.
Hahaha, gedikmaju betul budak-budak zaman sekarang. Nama pun nak good-good je haha

And he weighs 2.76 kg (is that normal or huge?)

So, now i'm officially an uncle!
What should this baby boy call me?
Uncle Arief? Uncle Arf? haha, damn that's weird.
But i'm certainly not gonna let him call me Pak Su or Cik Ucu or some other shit like that.

Hi there!

Welcome to the world, Raees Andika!



so i can call u uncle too:)
congratez to ur sister n brother ok!
the baby got really nice name, and yg penting maksudnya bagus:) hope he's growing well:)

~ NANA ~ said...


azureEn said...

yayyyy congrats!! ^^

he's cute.. >.< tapi my fren cakap new born baby tak comel. kulit diorang kedut2. haha :DD

uncle arief sounds better ;)

rATu kEBaYA said...

Tahniah sebab menerima ahli baru..

nama yang mempunyai maksud yang besar...

Izyan Masri said...


Anonymous said...

ape maksud arf sebenarnye?

a. said...

hello arief. thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog.

that's a handsome baby boy you got there, and a unique name too. uncle arief will do, or maybe just simply arief. haha. i mean, how old r u anyways?

Va Va Voom said...

hi uncle! lol..anyway congrats to ur sister & hubby :)

zikeryhassan said...

pak cik arief sound better. ahaha

Wanie-san said...

hello uncle arief...hehehe
nnt raya kena kasi angpow la~

Zura said...

dah jadi pakcik dah..hehe..tahniah...jd kesayanganlah baby tue...segala2nye org pertama in famili...

wahida said...

welcome on board raees andika!! u r so cute!! nak geget boleh?

Sham (Modern Pastime) said...


btw, nak nama urban untuk dia panggil ko kan? you have 2 options here; uncle cracker or uncle seekers. HAHAHA

bad jokes, i know =.="

reeyau said...

awwwhhh.. congrats!

Nor atau Nad said...

wuhuu nama sumpah sedapp!

nurain said...

wow..cute baby, nice name.oh and his weight to normal la, tak terlalu berat or tak terlalu ringan~

azalia hjsalleh said...

so sweettttttt ;)
bestnya ada anak buah.
if i were u, confirm dh excited na belikan baju untuk baby tuh

ADEEYA said...

Wow. Nice name he has :D

Lina Rahim said...

Hai uncle Arf..glamernya nama ur nephew tu..Andy...sweet..

BuDaK PeGheLiH said...

hi uncle :p

tahniah yer awk :) comel baby tu..

sW33tdARLiNG said...

1) congrats!!
2) bila panggil uncle, it sounds tak rapat, tau tak..? hehehe

Faziera said...

aloh aloh aloh comelnye baby tu.. geram!
tak saba nak tunggu my turn pulak..
eh eh! i'm not pregnant!
my sister yang pregnant..hahah <- baby girl.. ^___^

∂α∂уαиα said...

aww~! so cuteeee. i mean, ur newborn nephew, of course! hee. congrats to ur family. arief & arf are both sound nice going along with "uncle". :)

BENA said...

wahhhh cabtek name anak buah ko ! hai uncle ! hahaha :)

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