Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Bride Who Tried to Commit Suicide

Would you commit suicide? 

Read the news yesterday, about a bride-to-be who tried to commit suicide. Basically, she was about to get married with her fiance, but her fiance called off the wedding and got married to another woman.
Damn, that's gotta hurt.

I'm not really sure what that black dot is supposed to be

So, she tried to commit suicide by slitting her wrist and later tried to jump off the 7th floor of a building, in her wedding dress.


This happened in China, but luckily, she was rescued.
Yes, the guy is fucking cruel and heartless.
Poor poor woman, she is. But stupid nonetheless.
But hey, who are we to judge, right?

Click here for news source.

Not the cleanest way of commiting suicide anyway huh?

So, if you were in her place, what would you do?
Would you commit suicide, or get a revenge or would you just let it go?


Coffee Girl said...

Who's the jerk who did that to her? i hope he live with his conscience for the rest of his life. this isnt a Bollywood movie where a girl just lets her fiance marry another woman while she's still in her wedding dress because of some true love shit. poor girl. stupid, but under the circumstances... understandable.

But wait! it's also a heroic moment for the officer who saved her. hooray!

Fina Sophie said...

one real wound, i can tell. but if i'm her, i won't. i proved it myself, btw.

if she can give herself a lil more time, with supports from her friends and family, she'll be much better and stronger inside. :)

haha.. Coffee Girl! never thought of that. about the Bollywood. betul jugak tu hahaha. gosh (- -") true love shit it is.

nn said...

selalu fikir pasal nak commit suicide tapi i tak berani lah sebenarnya. so, i let go and be miserable for a while kot. huhu

Shamsuddin Amin said...

kejamnye dunia... huhu

asfira aminuddin said...

hmm lelaki mmg camtu kan. suka patahkan hati wanita yg suci. hihi. no offence! lagipun kat area2 china, korea jepun tu kes bunuh diri mmg tinggi kan.

Misshy Innz said...

revenge ! haha

Judiene said...

One hell of an incident I tell you.
Can't imagine what would I feel if its happen to me.
I'm not gonna commit suicide but I'm gonna ask for someone to shoot me right on my head.

Tiq said...

she's photogenic though. but that's not the point here. is too short and sweet to let it pass thoughtlessly. Well, heart-wrenching it is but life goes on.

Izyan Darling said...

saman la, apa lagi! breach of promise to marry. it causes emotional pain. i say, sue the son of a toot in court!

Mia said...

Man, sumpah mamat tue hidup tak tenang langsung. Gila cruel. No, I don't the new bride is cruel too, if she knew what happened. I rasa I mungkin serang wedding diorang tue. Yup, and saman. Saman kasi malu sikit. Haha.

nadyagita said...

I just saw the news on tv. Poor lady, hope she will get the better man for her, so much better :)

la femme

azalia hjsalleh said...

sampai hati sanggup lukakan hati org mcm tuh.
kalau x suka, ckp awal2 bukan waktu hari perkahwinan.
hati mne yg x sakit bila ditinggalkan.
i'm really sure one day laki tuh akan ditinggalkan & menyesal dgn tindakan bodoh dia

Far8 budak baik said...

suicide jelahh senang cite..
hahaha..kalau aku revenge dulu..
mmg jenis mcm ni hak3..
kejam kan aku..hihihi

Puteri Iqa Izyan said...

isk. ade pulak mcm tu.
ape susah? cri lain jelah. lalala~

MIMIE AIZA said...

lelaki itu sungguh kurang ajar.. dia buleh kawin dengan pompuan lain. demm

Amanda Sasha said...

banyak lagi lelaki lain kat dunia ni. cari je yang lain. nasib lelaki tu tinggalkan dia sebelum sempat dorang kahwin, if dah beranak pinak tak ke kesian anak2 nanti.

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