Wednesday, May 18, 2011

MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2011

Whoa, looks like there's a lot of events this year eh?
The next big event is MTV World Stage, right here in Malaysia!

So far, the date is set at the 24th of July 2011.
And it will be held in I-City, Shah Alam.

Who will be there?
30 Seconds to Mars! Hell yeah! This will sure get a lot of Jared Leto fans jumping eh?
And PopShuvit will be there as well!

More details and official confirmation to follow!
Stay updated and do check this post later aight!



~ NANA ~ said...

if buat kat kuantan lama dh i join...kehkehkeh

Amirrah Zawani said...

kat icity? i pg lah kot depan umah je.. :)

nn said...

scrolling kat Google Reader tetiba ternampak Jared Leto! BEST GILA KALAU DAPAT PERGI! dulu zaman myspace pernah letak nama Mrs. Jared Leto. HAHAHAHAHHAHA

Fina Sophie said...

shah alam huh? (- -") tak dapat nak verangan nak g. would only be at KL on middle of August.

asfira aminuddin said...

yea yeaa! tak minat. LD

Tiq said...

macam nak pegi tapi terasa diri dah tua. huhu

DFF said...

Selling X-ZONE/Moshpit for Rm150 each and VIP for Rm200 each. Sms me at 0169018910

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