Friday, May 6, 2011

YAB Dato' Sri Najib Abdul Razak at Hot FM

In case you didn't know, our Prime Minister YAB Dato' Sri Najib Abdul Razak came to Hot FM this morning for an interview.
He was on air from 7.30am until 8.30am.
So, this got the whole Sri Pentas buzzing.

The interview was also aired on 8TV during the Hot FM AM Krew Hot Chat, where users can chat and all at the side of the screen. Since my office is handling this chat thingy, it's quite a big deal, especially with the protocols and all.

The moderating team

All the message, or SMS chat that is sent will be filtered first before being aired. And a moderator will reply the messages and give infos and all that.
You don't want haters and trolls for this kind of shit right?

Our PM is a really cool guy actually. He even played a game of Dam Aji (checkers) with FBI, and if i'm not mistaken, he lost. LOL

Najib playing Dam Aji (checkers)

Oh, and this is an EPIC quote from tha man himself.

"MU dan Chelsea ada channel TV sendiri. Untuk fans-fans Liverpool, mereka pula ada History Channel."                                                         - YAB Dato' Sri Najib Abdul Razak

You sir, got it spot on. Utmost respect. Nice sense of humour there. The only thing is, why didn't you mention Arsenal TV??

All the pics are courtesy of my colleague, AdyBudika. I came a bit late, the traffic was kinda bad and i just managed to get a single shot of him, leaving the Hot FM conty.
This is the only pic that I manage to snap.

Y U NO walk slower??


~ NANA ~ said...

alahai lupa nk denga pagi td :P

Zura said...

xdgr hot f.mlah tp th dato najib ade kat hot f.m...

Wanie-san said...

lor...enggak tau pon..masih lena di ulit mimpi..:)

azalia hjsalleh said...

Adoyai, cmnelah boleh terlepas.
owh lupa pg td pun i bgn kul 12 tgh hari. *tido selepas subuh adalah sgt x baik sbb kita akan terlajak tido sampai tgh hari.

Nor atau Nad said...

wohh rindu pm
sejaksejak dating arie tu ngn dia
tak jumpa dahh

Far8 budak baik said...

bab ni aku tension gileeee...
aku tak dengar hot fm tadi..

BuDaK PeGheLiH said...

dapat snap time die nk blk okay la tu.. drpd xde langsung kan :p xdgr n x tgk pn pg td sbb tiap2 hari saya bgn lewat :p

adwafarahin said...

ade dgr tp x sempat nk dengar kene g klas time tuh

Nazatul shima said...

lupe nk dgr....still tgh tido..hehehe..

a. said...

hey arief! im better now, thanks for the prayer:)

haha this is cool, when i first read that you wrote 'CAME to hotfm' i was doubting the bold word there, but then u mentioned that u actually work there, thats just plain cool man! nicely land.

alia zarfullah said...

Oh! Bestnyaaaa XD
Lagi best kalau dapat snap pic najib banyak banyak!
Anyway takde keje kosong ke kt ur office? Da lama sanggat menggagur ni :(

@DdY said...

Eh, you worked at MPB ke? Mesti pernah bertembung waktu I worked there dulu..if tau, dah ajak minum2 lol

Arief Arf said...

haha of coz la, takkan nak tipu plak kot! hahaha

alia zarfullah,
keje kosong? belambak je keje kosong,
try la apply.

really meh? ure in which dept?

Amirrah Zawani said...

terlepas.. tak tgk pun =_=
takpa lah gambar blur pun.. janji ada.. hehe :)

sW33tdARLiNG said...

tak dapat dgr sbb MC.. umah takde radio...

@DdY said...

was doing MHI..hehe

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