Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Bus Accident

I got involved in a bus accident. 
No, i didn't hit a bus. And no, i did not get run over by a bus as well.
I'm okay, i'm still alive.

To cut the story short, i was in the bus (on Wednesday), and the bus that i was in hit another bus.
How cool is that huh?

RapidKL Bus

So basically, the bus that i was in (RapidKL) was trying to manoeuvre it's way into a junction when another bus, a Metrobus was kinda blocking the way.
The Metrobus stopped at the side of the main road (typical bus attitude), and so the RapidKL bus was not having any shit and so decided to transform into a Kancil and tries to manoeuvre past the Metrobus.

Here comes a new challenger! Metrobus

Since it's a bus vs a bus, one bus will definitely lose.
And the Metrobus did lose its' side mirror and the RapidKL bus got its windows scratched and cracked.
What makes it interesting is that i was basically seating near the point of contact between the two buses.

I was like WTF?
Pagi-pagi lagi dah sial. Alhamdulillah i am okay.

Figure 1A: How it happened

I'm sorry that there are no pictures of the incident, as it was raining and nobody really seems to give a shit except a few makciks and akaks.
But the akak behind me dah mengucap-ngucap dah. hahaha

Luckily, nothing major happened, and i'm still alive and unscathed.
And luckily, the bus was slow and the other bus was not moving.
Things would surely have been different if the windows got broken or smashed or something.
Then you might not see this post at all.

*insaf sejenak*


Nor atau Nad said...

woahhh gila menarik
dah lahh cermin bas rapid besar dabak
bley nampak suma satu-satu terjadi
lagi menarik bila kau duduk betul2 sebelah cermin..
nasib baek idopp weh ^_^

Tiq said...

1) How frightening but thank God you are still alive. otherwise ...ngeeeee ...let's not go there..
2) Metrobus is the mobster ! Never mess with them.

adwafarahin said...

alhamdulillah xde pape :)

mie said...

gue xbape suka naikbas..
walaupun jalan jauh..
sanggup naik keretapi je..

Judiene said...

Thank God you're okay.
It's been ages since the last time I go somewhere by bus.


alia zarfullah said...

Oh! gila menarik.
Phewww XD

Amirrah Zawani said...

nasib baik selamat.. alhamdulillah :)

azureEn said...

sumhow i felt that a bus driver is more 'gangster' than a real gangster. tu belom diorang start marah2 penumpang lagi. seram. -.-"

glad to hear that u'r okay. :)

hans said...

I'm laughing when read the part yang kakak sebelah mengucap tu

BuDaK PeGheLiH said...

bas rapid mmg mcm tu.. dulu msa kt pantai dalam.. jalan tu macam agak sempit tau.. kete parking kiri kanan..

boleh jer die bergesel dengan kereta yg parking kt tepi jalan tu.. 3,4 buah kete jugakla.. so calar kemek2 sket tepi kete tu.. pastu driver bus tu blah wat bodo jer..

sian tol kt tuan kete tu..

Arief Arf said...

nor atau nad,
haha tau takpe memang nampak semua la kan.. nasib baik idoppp

yeah, thank god!
ive never been on a metrobus, but rapidkl is not too shabby of a mobster as well X)

alhamdulillah X)

keretaapi tak banyak tempat ada..
terpaksa maa T_T

good, and i dont recommend you haha

alia zafrullah,
memang menarik betul lah!

amirrah zawani,

yeah, some of the bus drivers are very langsi one.. hahaha

kakak tu dah muka cuak dah kot!

budak peghelih,
haha kat pantai dalam tu lagi la dahsyat.. dah memang macam mini jakarta dah pun.. hahaha

sW33tdARLiNG said...

driver bas masing2 takde kesedaran sivik!

Hananeechan said...

sejenak jelah kau insaf kannn :p

∂α∂уαиα said...

thanks goodness. u're saved! :)

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