Thursday, September 24, 2009

Duit Raya or Angpau Raya

In my previous post, i said that i'll upload some pics of the Eve of Raya, and all the cooking and what not.

Unfortunately but unsurprisingly..
  • my phone transfer cable is nowhere to be found
  • my laptop does not have bluetooth
  • I somehow managed to find a bluetooth dongle but it is not working
  • my memory card holder is broken
And why the hell is it called Dongle anyway? Don't work?

... and so i could not transfer the photos from my stupid phone to the PC to upload it.

So, i'll bitch about something else instead.
Duit Raya, or lack thereof.

It's hard to get a bloody ang pau these days. Damn, i feel so old.
The only ang pau that you can be sure to get from is of course from your parents. Yep, that's the only hope now.
And they keep on decreasing by the year. Sigh.
Oh, and not to forget from your older siblings. Luckily, i have a few. But the amount you can get from them is quite questionable haha.
And that's about it.

This is as good as it gets

Getting an angpau from a cousin? Heh, no way.
Ang pau from a paksu? Not anymore.
One from the mak long? Nahh.

They say being the youngest in the family is great, because you'll keep getting ang paus from people and from your older siblings. The so-called baby of the family bla bla bla.

I say being the youngest in the family makes me just as old as the other siblings. Just because my siblings are all working, and are actually old, that should not be a reason to regard me as one of them, or as old as them.

No angpau for you because you are old. What the..?
In this context/situation, i'm suddenly old lahh kann..
Cruel cruel world.

I still deserve angpaus. At least until next year, don't you think?

Hari Raya = Duit Raya

So people, remember. Always give duit raya. Especially to me. Okay?
No duit raya means you're a bad bad host.

But then again, i'm not complaining much. Duit raya is just a bonus actually. The most important thing is of course the values of Aidilfitri.
The spirit of togetherness. The family and friends spirit. The bond and relationship.
Open houses and visiting each other.
We do these because it's our culture. Not because of duit raya.
Budi bahasa budaya kita.

err... NOT!

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