Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Raya Movies and Reviews

During the Raya week, the first week that is, i watched 3 movies at the cinema.
Not so in the spirit of Raya eh? Whatever lah.
Maybe it's because there's not much to do i think.
So, here are the reviews for the movies that i watched.

Jin Notti

Wait, what the fuck? I watched Jin Notti? At the cinema???
Holy shit. You gotta be kidding me.
I can't believe it either.

Rubbish, unsurprisingly

But yes. I did watch the bloody movie, and at the cinema.
Well, i certainly won't watch this kind of movie, let alone at the cinema. But hey, since me and the girlfy is being treated to the movie, so, what the heck. At least it's free.

So, basically, the story is rubbish. Utter bollocks. Period.
Storyline-wise, it's kinda okay. The idea is there.
But the acting is horrendous. Come on, Mawi as the lead actor? With Farah Fauzana pulak tu!
And with Cat Farish some more!
Argh, what a torture.

What a waste of time. Shitty acting. Stupid jokes. But i wonder why the whole cinema laughed at the stupid jokes. Sigh.
And what makes it more surprising is that the movie has grossed around RM1 million in its first week of showing. What the fuck?

Well, i don't want to comment more on this stupid movie.
Hey, at least i support the local movie industry. Heh.

Verdict is, don't watch this movie unless you're into Mawi/Farah Fauzana/Cat Farish or lame slapstick shit or somebody else is paying.

The Ugly Truth

The Ugly Truth is a good romantic comedy starring the talented Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler. Now, you might see Butler in action in the movie Gamer, but in this movie, he plays as this some sort of jackass Doktor Cinta and appears on television shows while Heigl is the producer of the show. Nice eh?

It is ugly, and it hurts, the truth

Couples should watch this movie, and there's a lot of things to fight about when watching this movie. It's all about he says she says. But what i like about this movie is that Gerard Butler really dishes out the ugly truth that women can't accept. Hell yeah. And what he says are real.
I'm sure that almost all of you can relate to it.
It is, in fact, the ugly truth.

Great match

The storyline is normal, rather predictable. But hey, it's kinda fresh though. The acting was great and comedy was good.
So, the verdict is, watch this movie for a fun, relaxing time. And also recommended for couples, lovebirds, whatever.

Tsunami at Haeundae

This is a Korean movie. It claims to be the number one blockbuster in Korea, and it is from co-team that made Star Wars and The Day After Tomorrow. I'm not really sure of the term co-team here though. Co-team of what? It could be co-team of anything. Team of producers, or maybe team of extras, or perhaps team of waterboys? And don't forget the co before the team.

Not about the car Hyundai

But whatever the hell that is, this movie is good. Really good.
Disaster movies are always good to watch eh?

The story is about er.. well, Tsunami of course. The tsunami strikes the beach of Haeundae, where all of the characters seems to be staying, working, or at least on a holiday.
The story is a mixture of romance, comedy and action. All of it are nicely blended into the movie.

There are many characters in this movie, usual for a disaster/catastrophe film. And somehow the characters are related and intertwine with each other, unsurprisingly. The storyline was quite predictable for a disaster movie, but hey, this is done Korean style.

The actors and actresses are okay. The funny moments also hit the spot. The animation's not bad.
There's also some sad parts, which left the girlfy almost crying.
Me? Well, no way. It was sad, and i was moved, a lot, but that's that. I don't really cry. (control macho beb!)

Tsunami at Indonesia = 10 meters. Tsunami at Haeundae = 50 meters

The verdict is, this movie is a must-watch. Even if you don't dig Korean stuffs, you should give it a try. Tsunami at Haeundae is certainly the best movie among the 3 that i watched with the girlfy during the Raya period.

That's it for my movie reviews, Raya Edition.

So, have you watched any of these?
If not, will you watch any of these?
What do you think?

Oh, and by the way, the tagline for the movie Jin Notti is..
Jangan naughty-naughty.

Sumpah geli dohh! Arghhhh

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